Bretonnian Weapons - Hitbox issues

Bretonnian Sword and Shield

I always wondered why I never seemed to be able to hit Stormvermin with the Bretonnian Sword and Shield push attack, whereas I never had the problem with the Imperial counterpart.

Well, I hopped onto the modded realm and found the answer.

Just compare these hitboxes of the push attacks:

  1. Imperial Sword and Shield - How it should be

  1. Bretonnian Sword and Shield - How it shouldn’t be (it also switches between these two strangely enough)

Please Fatshark, take a look and address it if possible.

Bretonnian Longsword

As a proud Bretonnian Knight I want to end my enemies swiftly, thus I aim for the head. Thing is though, the second light of the Bretonnian Longsword is angled upwards which causes your hit to sometimes miss if you aim at head height of the Skaven.

Take a look at these screenshots.

  1. This was my aiming height

  1. This is the hitbox of the second light attack

  1. For a better perspective of the angle

I know it’s not that huge of an issue, and maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the angle should be reduced slightly to avoid hitting above where you aimed.


EDIT: This issue has been posted already, but since nobody is able to write “Bretonnia” correctly, I didn’t find it :stuck_out_tongue: .


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