Bretonnian Longsword Bugs

A pair of bugs pertaining to the Bretonnian Longsword.

The first bug is some wonky hit detection for the second heavy strike - I’ve aimed at the head, heavy 1 connects as expected, but heavy 2 hits way low. Aiming above the head, heavy 1 misses as expected, but heavy 2 hits. However, further away from the target, heavy 2 hits in the expected area. This inconsistency between both itself and other strikes makes going for headshots inconsistent and difficult to predict.

The second bug is a wrong animation going from light 2 into a heavy attack. First shows what heavy 3 is supposed to look like - blade turned edge parallel to the ground as opposed to heavy 1 and 2 with edge perpendicular to the ground. Then it shows light 2, the horizontal sweep, chaining into heavy 3, the overhead strike, but the heavy attack charge animation shows heavy 1, the right downward strike. Not sure if light 2 is supposed to chain into heavy 1 or heavy 3, but either way it throws off what’s actually happening.


Thank you for makin this, i’ve come across few bugs with bretonnian weapons yesterday but didn’t know how to properly adress them. Doin combos atm is weird with them because either wrong attack is played or the combo is canceled. On Bretonnian Longsword I was using push attack, then chain heavy attack - light attack. Push Attack acts weird at times, not properly attacking. After u menage to attack with it any combo after it gets reset. It attack with different heavy attack than before. Before it was Heavy Into light overhead. Now its heavy into left swing. Also on Bretonnian Sword and Shield the combo push attack - heavy attack is different than before. For me the stab is gone. And I can only bash with shield or do overhead with the sword, when before you would do a stab.

Either theres some issues on my end with the mouse or hardware - or just attack registration doesn’t work properly. But if its ony my end then it would line up perfectly with newest update so I doubt theres something wrong on my end.

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