Phantom swings on Bretonnian Longsword

I’ve noticed a lot of phantom swings with the Bretonnian Longsword that have caused me to take quite a bit of damage randomly in hordes. I decided to test it out, and here are the results, in video format:

When you aim for the head, with light swings, attacks miss based on slight differences in where you’re pointing. Aiming dead center will miss, and so will moving the crosshair slightly to the right, but moving it to the left will hit. The overhead slash tends to always hit, which leads me to believe it may be a matter of inconsistent range between attacks, but in any event it is very disconcerting. Please look into it.


And I thought I was just going crazy.

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That upward swing have misaligned hitbox its way to up and right instead closer to center point but… oh wow that horizontal is so bad I didnt get that but well that need fixing

It happens with the push stab on longsword+shield too.

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