Kruber Sword/Mace phantom swings

Has anyone else had issues with phantom swings with sword/mace? I was recently messing around with a Chaos Troll, and was noticing a lot of my secondary swings were not registering. This could very well be a hitbox issue, not a phantom swing issue. At any rate, I find it hardly worth attempting a head shot using this weapon in its current state when fighting monsters. Attached is a video demonstrating what is happening:

When troll is backing away before hand swing, many weapons can’t hit his head.
Funny examples: goddamn elven 2h sword stab (that should have huuuuge range).
And yes, they should be able to hit his head, yet they don’t.

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hmm, i have been using sword/mace for quite some time now and have not experienced any phantom swings so far

I would suggest posting this in the Bug section, although i’ve already brought a few of Kruber’s weapon swing issues to FS’s attention, however I didn’t have video, maybe try there.

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