Rapier Phantom Swings

The attached clip shows phantom swings happening.

I do have a longer version of the clip that shows gameplay before and after the phantom swings if more context is needed or something.

I got it also with 2 hnd axe

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Not sure but seems after 1.2 halberd first light attack has ghost swing imo

got ghost swings with daggers quite a bit. trying to poke some slave rat in front of me went thru it, and it poked me deep in my sad heart.

It’s really amazing.

This got reported 6 hours ago in the subreddit as well.

I’m not sure if it’s the same bug though, as the redditor could not even block (!!) with Rapier.

And you were even the host. It just doesn’t make sense.

Phantom swings are unrelated to host/client

slayer double axes, 2 consecutive charged attack went through, and the rat was in my face. Means an easy death. I’m starting to question myself am i really that incompetent or the game is helping my inability? :smiley:

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