Phantom Swings, any more progress on fixing these?

Issue Summary:
Playing with Rapier is becoming quite inconsistent what with there being a bunch of phantom swings every game I play with it. It usually results in spamming push-attacks to keep things staggered because you never know when an attack or three in a row will just ignore all the enemies right on top of you, and taking damage ensues.

@Fatshark_Hedge I saw you comment on a post like this a couple weeks ago where you mentioned work was being done on this but I haven’t seen anything else on the issue after that. Is it something you think will be fixed in the next patch? Probably taking a break from playing rapier, dual axes/daggers etc until things get better.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play rapier
  2. Attack things
  3. Miss things
  4. Die

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%), have experienced these in literally every game I used rapier these last few weeks, albeit in varying amounts.



Isn’t that common practice in legend anyway? Get in a few attacks, block push attack to stagger any mobs in the back doing a running attack, dodge left and right while attacking, repeat.

But yea, I’ve noticed the problem as well, you can normal catch it right away when the first swing misses and instantly block. The raiper at least has an extremely fast block animation. Hopefully they will fix it. Haven’t noticed anything different with dual daggers though? And as a elf main, probably close to 500 hours on her, they seem to be working the same as normal.

still there, much less than right after the bogenupdate, but it’s still happening, at least on the slayer using 2 axes, and, but I cannot confirm this, the pick.
It’s annoying making a crit on a cw, and because of the miss, being downed or heavily injured :smiley: .

Sure it’s common practice, but I feel like the more I play with rapier the more I’ve begun reverting to push-attacks outside of hordes/density as well because of the inconsistencies.

Normally I’m pretty confident in my ability to dance around rats, knowing when to swing and to block, reacting to running attacks etc etc, but as more and more swings just go through the more paranoid I feel just killing 2-3 rats at a time without using the push-attacks, which hasn’t been a problem before, I’ve been maining this long, slender bad-boy of a weapopn since early VT1.

It just makes for a poor experience when you start doubting your own abilites because of ranald deciding your swings will hit something in the nether realm instead :frowning:

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We have an update we’ll be putting out to test very soon. Probably not this week but most likely next. This has some changes to the precision strike behaviour for you to test and feedback on (as well as some other changes as well).


Sounds good, here’s hoping it alleviates the issues. And thanks for the quick response!

Looking forward to it!

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