Phantom swings back again?

I’m back again to the game for the DLC after a break.
It seems to me there are a lot of issues with hit detection.
In particular:

  1. Phantom swings: as usual the weapon have no effect on some enemies.
  2. Phantom parries: This is bad; I parry and get hit anyway. The enemy attack completely ignores my parry .
  3. Phantom shots: This seems to happen with snapshots. Even if the enemy is very near, the projectile just does no damage.

Combined with hyperdensity, these problems make the game more difficult and frustrating.

Has anyone else noticed that?

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I haven’t entirely noticed the phantom swings, but the phantom parries/shots could be attributed to a wee-bit of lag between hosts and players. Nurgle knows that my crew is a few ping above normal, so they miss ranged attacks rather regularly. Many of them also play ‘frame-perfect’ games so they try to frame perfect a Storm-Vermin only to get whomped in the face because they weren’t parrying server-side yet.

As far as phantom swings goes: Sometimes your weapon travels a little bit further than your damage does (stops on a Chaos Warrior, for example), and can give you the impression you should’ve hit more bad-guys than you did. Also, if the horde is 20 ratties deep, most weapons can’t hit that many in a swing. Maybe a cleave-ier weapon will do it?

I am not saying you aren’t experiencing an issue, but I have had those exact same thoughts in the past only to be foiled by lag/numbers I didn’t know about. Any specific weapons/projectiles in specific? I can go home and test them tonight to see if I can get some duplication.

don’t know what is it, but yesterday evening it was happening using saltzWH+axe and saltzWH+macete. Not as much bad as in the past, but pre patch it wasn’t happening at all.

Worst offender is the handgun, especially with snapshots. It’s not only a matter of spread because it’s happened also with very near foes.
Even shooting with swiftbow seemed to be unreliable. Some arrows connected without apparent effect.

About cleave, yes, I know there’s a mass limit, but it also happened with very few enemies.
It could be lag but I fear the netcode is quite messy at the moment.

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I’ve noticed them (also on private maps with bots) since the big balance beta went live and before that. There were no issues on the first version of that beta however, and the game felt really good for a short while when it came to hit detection.

Also I can’t do melee and ranged headshots consistently whenever the phantom swing bug is present. Shoot enemy in the head, head falls off, doesn’t count as headshot and no ammo back with trait. Same thing with melee headshots, sometimes they don’t happen when I’m absolutely confident they should.

To anyone suggesting it could be out of range for a hit, or lag etc: that was my first conclusion as well. However, when this issue disappeared in the first balance beta version with no hit detection/headshot problems for me, and others now noticing it’s back, I have to say I don’t think that’s the case anymore.

Someone had the same impression and posted this on Reddit.

Seems the phatom hits are for rats as well. I actually just did a skittergate and a SV patrol backed me into the corner. Stacked SV, at least 3 all overhead attacked me, but they phased right through me, did no damage.

I believe all (or at least most) of these are now issues of synchronization between the host and client. Quite possibly because of the already at points discussed fact that hit detection seems to be handled host-side. I’m no expert at all, so please correct me if I’m on the wrong tracks here, but if the host alone handles hit detection, but (at least) some of the enemy movements happen on the client’s machine, and there’s any disparity between the two on the movements, it’s likely to introduce issues like this.

And yes, I may have noticed something like this during the past few days. I usually have to pay too much attention to my own actions to notice occasional misses that shouldn’t be such, but not I’ve had a certain feeling about all the time that my hits aren’t working as they should, and that I get hit even immediately after I thought I hit the enemy.

I only have this problem with one handed swords. Krubers one handed swords, and kerillian’s one handed swords.

Often the first non-heavy swing will miss.
I haven’t experienced it with any other weapons.


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I’ve noticed the issue with skaven hordes mostly on bad ping (120+). It’s almost like I have to be right up in their face to hit anything. Even then I miss a lot. I think it has to do with the height of the enemy and how dense they pack together. Because the problem isn’t as bad with chaos hordes which do not cluster that badly and they have bigger hitboxes.

The problems weapons for me are the 1h hammer and dual hammers.

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