Phantom swings?

I’ve getting quite a few phantom swings since patch 2.0
any1 else getting them too?

should i record some if no1 is getting them? (even though its a pain in the butt to record >_>)

sometimes when i swing at something in my face, nothing happens. even stuff like merc’s ult; when i using it, not everything gets knocked back, as if the ult has a limited number of affected targets and anything above that do not get affected :V?

weapons that remember doing phantom swings are rapier and 1h mace for kruber/bardin since i use those 2 the most.


I notice it happen a lot in doorways mostly. Also, if I am using a short range weapon like dual daggers I don’t always reach the enemy if they are knocked down or leaning back. As if their hitbox moves farther away but the collision box stays in the same place, so that you can’t walk close enough to hit them. However, I think it has always been like that for me, not just recently.

no this patch at melee distance (press forward, but not moving forward cuz target is infront of me and blocking) i swing and hit nothing :I

Single target or group? Could be a cleave issue.

i’ve had both. its pretty random

This isnt new, this stuff persists since a patch shortly after release.
I suppose the patched it in by acciden, like the bugged AI director.
Yet again.

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have u encountered some phantom swings in this patch too :o?

There are several bug reports about it in the bugs forum. Mainly from DD and SnD users. DD heavy misses at close range, and sometimes lights seem to miss their target.

One step forward, three steps back.

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