Phantom swings on dual axes, especially on push attack, on condensed hordes

Issue Summary:
Have recently noticed that dual axes on Slayer have an EXTREMELY high tendency to produce phantom swings on hordes, especially if they are tightly condensed. This is especially noticeable if you try to use push attacks, to the point where you sometimes swing 3 to 4 times while running directly into the enemies, being as close as you possibly can, and even your pushes sometimes do nothing at all. Since Slayer has a low health pool and dual axes are, otherwise, pretty good at clearing hordes, it is kinda sad that they became so unreliable.

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Oh yeah. Big time phantom swings!
I play a lot of Slayer. Lately with “quad axe” build and have noticed this in almost every single game.

You described the issue exactly! Very very frustrating.


The upcoming beta (looking likely to be next week) will hopefully address what you’re describing as @Ratherdone has done a lot of tweaking in this area.


Cheers! Quad-Axe Slayer is seriously one of the most amazing things you can currently do in this game. I know I have been rather polemic and cynical in the past because of some design choices making melee not so fun, but since the latest melee weapon changes, I can honestly say: This IS a melee focused game now in almost any aspect. It is not beneath my honour to admit when my initial criticism is not valid anymore.


the rapier has a ton of phantom swings as well. does this up coming beta also fixes the rapier as well :o?

It is suppose to @KKND2!

Most fun I have ever had in this game is quad axe Slayer.
So fun that going back to other careers to finish up the Legend “all maps” challenge, and all I can think is…man I want to be back on Slayer right now.

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