Phantom swings galore

Issue Summary:
I’m experiencing a fukton of phantom swings. I can be 1v1 against a rat and my swings are going right through. Experienced it with Halberd, mace, ss, ms, 2hh, 2hw, ecs.
It’s ruining the game completely!

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play kruber with any of the aforementioned weapons.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One)
Unusual (< 25%)

  • Unusual becomes all the time when you swing maybe 2000 times during a match.

Additional Information:
If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a dodgeball

Are you playing with any mods installed?

Numeric UI

Any issues ?

I thought there was issues with player list plus mod but not sure, I use all the whitelisted mods except for player list plus and I haven’t noticed any phantom swings but I mostly play salty, I’d have to try Kruber out to see if I get the same issues.

I primarily play kruber so I can’t give any input outside him as well.
Before 1.2 I dont remember ever noticing it but now it’s just all the time it seems.
I think it might be something with proximity bcs i can swing away at a target and miss each swing repeatedly but strafe back and the attack hits.
Dont mind if you report back if you find anything

Player List Plus Mod broken

You need to read the whole thing Smokers original issues and sloving are incorrect.
It might be related to that mod but there is no problem if you don’t use the settings of "smaller network packets”
That being said I only found evidence of "smaller network packets” causing the problem I have no idea why hedge put mod related in there.
Also phantom swings did not occur for me back then.

I really tried to replicate phantom swings on my computer but it seems I only get them as client.
Unlike other people:

The dude from reddit uses:

Numeric UI

Which I don’t

Tried it with your mods same result I don’t think it’s mod related.

Try turning on smaller network packets since you don’t have the player list plus mod. It actually makes a big difference for me. Not sure why… I’ll play with people in the same town, friends and family and normally have 1-3 ping, yet the game feels so laggy without smaller network packets enabled. There’s nothing wrong with my internet…

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