Ghost attack / phantom swings

Posting this because I found it by chance on reddit, and not all of us double check the forum and reddit.

You can read the explanation:

If you don’t mind the why, at least check the list, so you know what you’re going into

Grimalackt list:
1h axe heavy attacks and push-attack.
Axe&shield non shield slam heavies, and last normal attack.
Wizard dagger 2nd charged attack, stabbing light attack, and push attack.
1h hammer charged attacks and downward normal attack.
Wizard mace downward attacks (both normal and charged).
Greataxe normal attacks.
Glaive charged attacks.
2h hammer first two normal attacks (but not last or push-attack).
Warpick charged attacks.
Executioner sword charged attacks.
All dual axes attacks except charged.
All dual daggers attacks.
Both last light attacks of the sword&dagger, as well as push-stab. (but not charged, even the 2nd one)
Dual Swords push-stab.
All rapier attacks.
Halberd stabbing (both normal and charged) and overhead chops.
All stabbing spear attacks.
Torch heavy attacks

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