"Single target weapons will now more consistently hit the target being aimed at."

So I’m not completely up to date on what took place, I am however aware about something written in the recent patch notes.

Weapon Fixes & Changes

* Single target weapons will now more consistently hit the target being aimed at.

Just specifically how many weapons are affected by this change? I’m getting some strange behavior/target priority from weapons, where cleaving attacks will completely ignore a target I could hit reliably before. Attacks just go straight through a lot of enemies, on 2H sword, 1H mace, exec sword, rapier.

lies! this patch broke a lot of weapons and phantom swings are back in full swing (heh)


Sad but true… Dual daggers and rapier are all but unusable now :frowning:

I apologize for the cross link but here there’s the affected weapons list and the reddit link if you are interested in understanding why it happens.


just remove the goddamn single target priority precision sweeps, even if they worked not causing ghost swings, they’d make combat unpredictable and not making much sense. Since your weapon may, or may not phase through an enemy to the side of you when you aim at another enemy with crosshair.

Vermintide’s 1 single target attacks were perfectly fine imo, where the swing arc goes and connects, there you get a hit, everything is realistic and predictable, all control is in the hands of players.


Cross link is nothing to apologize for, it was enlightening to the frustrating issues that have appeared.

Definitely more reliable and predictable, yeah. Now I find myself missing on cleaving attacks where the enemy is placed in a certain angle.

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