1h Kruber sword still phantom swings

Issue Summary:
Same as beta, basically unplayable 90% of 1st and 2nd swings pass through enemies, even walls, won’t light barrels ect, reinstalled twice (since it fixed other issues) re-verified 7 times, have about 21 MS, and im host playing private games and it still doesn’t work. Any idea when this may be fixed? Halberd is simply too slow and I havent had luck in 600 hours finding a red mace so… its pretty much the only weapon I enjoy using for melee on huntsman.

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…upgrade one?

Also that’s weird on the 1h, I have been using it on sienna only and haven’t noticed any phantom swing issues. I want to say I saw someone else post that it phantom swings if you click really fast, but no idea where I saw that.

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