Delay on heavy attack release on Shield & Flail Combo on Warrior Priest of Sigmar

I would like to report something that I believe is related to the following topic “Input delay on heavy release”. I’ve noticed that sometimes the release of heavy attack of flail&shield on Warrior Priest gets delayed. The delay is slight, difficult to reproduce but nonetheless noticeable. I’ve noticed that it gets worse with FPS drops or increase of network latency.

I’ve made a short video of it, from 00:08 onwards I’ve performed heavy attacks in the consistent tempo, the very last attack got delayed. The delay is slight but as we all know, the VT2 is an extemely fast paced and that tiny fraction of a second can make a huge difference.

If anybody experiences that issue too, feel free to share.

EDIT: I believe Saryk posted the root cause of the issue.

I do not believe this is working as intended and consider this incosistency a bug.


I’m not on my pc so I can’t check, but in the options there is something with “input buffer”. Try different values, that helped for me.
I had the same thing with flails or bret longsword and it got way better once I started playing with this option.

Its not a bug but a feature with timings of flail rotation. Heavy attack can’t release instantly when a flail in certain position while rotating (holding LMB).

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Hey @Rhizone are you sure about this? I’ve thought the same, but I believe something is a bit off. In some cases the delay takes 1-2 sec. And the character does 1-2 full spins before attacking, while sometimes the animation encompasses basically a “half-spin” which goes fluently into the attack. It is especially noticeable for me in Chaos Wastes which start with basic weapons (no attack speed) and are bit more prone to FPS drops.

Also if that’s only the timing, then how is it possible to perform consistenly 4-5 heavies only to get one delayed? Same tempo, same timing.

@Saryk Thanks for your input below. That must be it. I do not consider this inconsistency as design choice either and therefore treat it as a bug.

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Actually the bug is detailed here :

It is an inconsistent behaviour due to the fact that the LMB release trigger is only taken into account at some parts of the looping, so releasing outside of that trigger has you wait until you’re in the “LMB released” area of the loop again, whereas releasing inside that timeframe instantly triggers the attack.


The funny thing is that they did fix the bretsword’s inputs in after this bug report I made on a similar issue, but never adressed the flail’s clunkiness despite the solution being given in my post as well.


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Yes. Usually i’m playing as a host and a flail works as intended from logical stand of point and with stable timings. Your mileage can differs if you playing not as a host i think. With different pings you can encounter different deviations imo.

No cause the animation loop doesn’t line up with the action loop.

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