Bretsword light attack block cancel is clunky (continued)

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I’m going to go over the bretsword in this one, and the block canceling after L2 which broke some time ago.
The issue I find here in testing is two-fold : there is a discrepancy between the animation and what is actually happening, and the time-frame during which a block can be triggered after L2 is quite late.

Here is a screenshot showing everything :

The fact that the hitbox doesn’t follow the sword is not that big of a deal because it is barely noticeable in real time ; the thing that is important though is that the sword is already almost off-screen.
0.03s later, it is gone :

Now here’s the thing : on this second image, the hit is done, the sword is gone, and yet there is this ~0.2s window where any RMB input is not buffered, but a LMB input is.
So when trying to LMB > LMB > RMB > LMB, it is very easy to assume that the attack animation is finished when the sword leaves the screen and to click RMB to block-cancel, only to press LMB and have it buffer to chain into L3.

A simple fix to the jankiness is to extend the timeframe of the RMB trigger from starting at 0.7s to starting at 0.5s to match the animation. (The numbers on the screenshots account for my attack speed, these numbers here don’t and are the values used in the game’s code. The problem is only bigger the less attack speed you have, by the way.)
Another option would be to actually buffer any RMB input, since the trigger checking if RMB is pressed comes before the one for LMB anyway.
Edit : I rest my case around L2 but the same issue exists after L1.

I am also quite certain that this behaviour wasn’t there on GK’s release, and was changed somewhere around Engi patch. I played my 100 games on GK with the bretsword during the weeks/month after he came out and never felt the block cancel after L2 to have any issue.

Regarding the chain from push-attack not going into H3 without releasing LMB (like other weapons do), I don’t really understand. I’m still holding LMB on this image but the game skips over the triggers that should go into H3. It works fine if I release LMB and hold it back after the push attack.


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