Remove attack/action buffering

Whenever this was implemented and for whatever reason, please remove it.

It’s very bad when you’re in melee, want to quick switch to shoot something and then switch back to continue fighting and then the game just keeps attacking and you get grabbed/pounced/whatever.
This even buffers miscellaneous actions, like reloading, healing and switching to potion/bomb. And when you change from one action to another and then back, you end up doing things you either wanted canceled or not doing it in the first place.

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You are talking about action cancelling like with block? Like buffered attacks you are ‘commited’ to? I TOTALLY AGREE!

A small change to glaive quite a while back made all the difference in a weapon I really liked. It had a similar problem at the time. Light one, into light two (light 2 was easily block cancelled - and responsive) but light two into light 3 was not. You were almost locked into finishing the 3rd light attack even if you had held block BEFORE the third light attack animation even started

I think certain weapons (the heavy ones) have an argument to be made for a certain level of commitment where you have started the attack already and moving instantly from that into block for example (I know you may also mean weapon swap etc). The balancing of these issues continues lol. I havent used it in quite some time, but I remember 1h sword for elf feeling unresponsive in certain situations as well

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