What happened to Glaive? Block cancel isnt reliable anymore

I remember when you could easily do two light attacks and block cancel to redo the 2 light attacks quickly. Now it seems there is a ‘buffer’ and I seem to end up doing three before I get my block up, even though the right mouse was held down even BEFORE the third light attack animation STARTS!

Why make this change???

It’s been broken for months. They said it would be fixed “in the next patch”. This was the next patch. They lied… again.

In the patch notes for the hotfix, they stated they fixed it. I’ll have to test it and see

@SmokerT69! Its FIXED!!! :):smile:


Thank fu…the weave, for that.

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Why would you want to cancel though? You attack faster if you just do light 3 and start over.

To block (if you cant dodge) an incoming attack

There are a million times I wanted to cancel the current attack to get block up lol


2h elf sword and the halberd also suffer from this.

Yeah, but they were always like that

Glaive was great, then had this issue for a while apparently (I was playin with other weapons) and is now back to what it was origionally

Oh and Im back on glaive WS and HM - I remember why I loved the weapon so much now. One word. Versitile!!! :slight_smile:

“Versatile” - is the word you’re looking for.

To be fair, the glaive still worked even with the unintended change. You just had to be careful and only click twice during hordes, then block push attack into 2 more attacks with a few dodges thrown in and repeat. Doing a full combo with the glaive would always get you hit by mobs doing running attacks from the back. It’s obviously easier to use now.

And they still didnt fix the glaive damage bug…

(for those who dont know H2 crit headshots on armor deal less damage than non crits… Same with dualaxes…)


And if we’re making a list of bad dmg values: 1h axe light attack still does more dmg than charged vs monsters, unless it has been shadow-fixed without any mention.

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