Weapon switch input buffering

During intence fights there are times I wanna get ranged weapon out during the process of deflecting enemy attack. I would like to be able to switch to ranged as soon as this form of stun is over. Wouldnt hurt if made optional.


I agree, I don’t know who they thought this change helped, but it wasn’t me.


When was this actually changed? It feels absolutely horrible with throwing axes especially.

I know @flisker has some understandably strong opinions on this one.


Yes he has, it’s so bad of a feature that it’s completely beyond my understanding why it’s not at least optional.

Nobody wants more input lag especially not when playing fast fps game.

It’s like I’m trying to squeeze out as good complete input lag as possible on my system, splitting miliseconds and then I get this 200-500ms galactic sized input lags because attacks are getting buffered and on top of that there is somehting screwed with blocking also, so even if my attacks are not buffered I want to switch weapon and because I am of course blocking before doing that, it sometimes won’t switch or switch with delay… which is even worse I guess.

There was no frickin problem … no problem whatsoever in 1.6 of this kind.

Btw, anyone knows what ppl were often blown away by D4 demo ? The fluidity of combat ! That the transitions are seamless no wait times, input lag etc. Players want the game to feel as fluid as possible. This thing they did with buffering is again another step in opposite direction.

And it’s not just this, what they also screwed already before and nobody seemed to care, except for me… or people prolly wasn’t sure about and didn’t want to complain… was that switching from light attacks to heavy doesn’t work at many weapons.

For example, long time ago… it was possible lets say with dual daggers, to start doing light attacks and then before the last light attack finished I could be holding the LMB and it would seemlesly transition into heavy attack, that was awesome. I loved these little things about the game. The core combat, was so great.

As time goes it’s just gettin worse, these seemless transitions are long time gone on a lot of weapons, attacks got massive input lag on some weapons, due to buffering, switching weapons suck, this is so sad.

I really don’t get it… is it that they don’t know how to fix it ? Is it that they don’t see the problem because they don’t really play at high difficulty ? :cry:

This is pretty big issue, is there any hope to get these 2 core combat bugs/issues fixed ? @Fatshark_Hedge

I mentioned both of these things even in WOM beta, and did not get any proper response to it, in that big thread with all kinds of bugs and issues. (got response from one dev when I mentioned the huge issue with weapon switching first time in separate thread… but nothing changed or got fixed, and there was no following conversation about it)

Only real attention it got was from one troll who even recorded dismissive video talking sh*t about how it’s fine, when he had no clue what he was even talking about.


one of the reason why i stop play this game


At this point we can say the game is as dead as other dead games - there will always be a few people playing.
So they can take the time they want, do whatever they want with it, it can only go up. How long it will take tho until they realize that these issues don’t help and until they fix it those gone won’t come back, I have no idea.

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It’s all just part of FS plan to kill the playerbase off entirely.

It’s really the only theory that still makes sense. Even a bumbling fool cannot get this much wrong consistently.


I still might be kinda naive, dreaming about some big turnaround where they just fix all this crap, start communicating … like if I feedback em about those 2 core problems, I’m expecting them to respond… to start conversation, to fix it. Not to play dead. This is not some irrelevant whatever issue.


I’m with you bro. Still got hopes things will turn around. Shortly after WoM I would have been the first to jump in and defend FS but now I’m just so… tired. I still think their motives are good but I don’t think anyone really understands why they make the decisions they do. Not that they seem to really want us to know. After playing Risk of Rain 2 (Hopoo is like 3 people? Lol) and Deep Rock Galactic recently it’s just become SO stark how mishandled this game has been. Maybe this just isn’t a passion for them anymore. Sad if so but haven’t given up fully just yet.


Agreed, it’s probably the most annoying thing in the game for me.

Yes, please.


Yes, please make this something configurable (on/off, queue size, delay etc.) because literally the majority of damage I receive in this game is due to not having the weapon out at the time I need it because the queue screws me up.


Rollback to 1.6 confirmed?

Ive been crying about weapon switch not happening at all if you do it during push animation or during deflect, but what I see here seems to be of other kind, no?

Weapons switch is just terrible. Fatshark should remove every input lag.


deliberately adding anything that slows down input in any computer game is just crazy. i don’t think i can think of any reason why a developer would do that intentionally. i don’t know who this feature is catering to but who but whoever it is, this is bad for u. please fatshark get rid of this. or at least ask us if we want this. i can assume a large portion of this games player-base takes damage and die case of this “feature”


I’m pretty sure what you’re talking about is a consequence of the input lag we’re referring to. At one point in the game’s life you could quick swap at pretty much any point with no delay. This is no longer the case.

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I think their resoning was something like “people complain about clickin too much, so let’s add buffer for them, so they always get those attacks out!” which is ridiculous anyway. There is no good argument for adding big input lag in these kind of games.

And if they wanted to solve this kind of issue they could just add continuous-LMB click, so people don’t have to use either the Wheel-rolling or external macro for that.

I would really love to see response from Quake Champions community, if they ninja initroduced this kind of feature :joy: That would be hilarious.

Yea it’s part of this issue.

Up to 1.6 there still was post action delay on some weapons, like take a longbow on elf, you could not shoot and instantly switch, there was slight delay, but there was no input lag, either I clicked and it switched or not because there was the delay. But my solution to that was … fu*k the longbow, and I used mostly swiftbow, which had no delay.

And there most certainly wasn’t delay or buffering on melee weapons, I have many many vids of that, where I just finish slash with exec and instantly switch to whatever, handgun or blunder and pop the special coming to me and switch quickly back to slaying, no issues at all, it was awesome.

Now… now i get fuc… extra attack in this situation which is buffered, that leads to switch to range not working at all because the buffered attack animation is running or delayed switch, which will get me killed because I did not expect it at that point and I might also shoot and waste the ammo… so now if i am not dead, I don’t have reloaded … and next few specials might screw me over anyway, plus I am also pissed at that point because of this buffering nonsense…

And this keeps happening even now, it’s not like I got used to it, and if I do, it changes nothing on what a bad idea and mechanic / feature this is. Only solution to this from player side is just to completely stop doing whatever one is doing and then switch => that sucks…


Lemme point out a thing here:
I dunno what weapon buffer you mean, I never did something I didnt intentionally go for, with only two exceptions being:

  1. Sometimes failing to go from light to heavy attack
  2. Unsuccessfuly switching weapon during block deflect animation.

I really dont read you clear. And so far most of replies feel like bot attack on this thread: they all are almost the same, yet none of them make enough sense. Gimme time sequence diagram or example to work with, I dunno.

Ok, so it’s not sometimes, it’s always… it just doesn’t work anymore on some weapons, not sure what % it is. But it’s many weapons that it doesn’t work on. If it works on some, then it’s kinda rare.

This is one of the problems, since they said they also changed some priority of blocking over other actions.

Yea sure dude, I’m gonna waste even more time, after those 200 hours during wom beta… by dedicating like half of the day on recording video/keystrokes w/ some external soft that can show it on screen, and then editing the whole thing and doing comentating and explaining so absolutely everyone can see the problem …

And then in the end I won’t even get response from Fatshark anyway… because they doesn’t seem to care or who knows what’s going on there.

You certainly are new around here.

In case it’s not clear what attack buffering means… it means that your actions/attacks … get buffered, and the buffer however small will lead in some situations to execution of one more attack after you stop attacking/mashing the light attack button. So for example with Executioner, if you get 1 extra attack out, when there should be none extra… you’re getting like 300 milisecond extra lag, which is insane.


Does he ever have “weak” opinions sometimes ? :smiley: