Why do we have input buffering?

it inhibits weapon changing during say a power attack which at higher difficulties makes taking damage inevitable. at lower settings a push attack is nigh impossible in a pressured setting. at high settings behaves better but swapping between anything other than a light attack to something else is dreadfully slow, and once again makes push attacks pretty much un usable. is there not a setting where we can just use our RAW mouse data which no filtering/buffering or anything else to impede gameplay?

Weapon swapping priority must be an issue in itself. If you want to see what it tastes like without input buffering - try shooting a pistol in, say, Doom II at maximum rate. It is there so your inputs don’t have to be frame perfect.

never played doom 2 so i have no reference, im not talking about weapon swapping im talking about input buffering between light and heavy attacks.

even if its kept, surely there must be a way to smooth it out at least then, instead of expecting players to mentally queue out every attack they make 10 seconds in advance and then RIP if something doesnt go to plan?

I have been having trouble lately with inputs not triggering at all (see Input delay on heavy release).
I haven’t tested whether weapon swapping was impacted, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I haven’t ever had a problem with weapon swapping, except perhaps from Sienna’s staff to melee at times, as the weapon swap is a priority input afaik.
The bugs could be related.

its interesting you say lately because this has only being happening for maybe 2 months? before that i assumed they’ve just been cranking up the difficulty in tests for darktide maybe.
so is there anything that can be done with input delay on heavy release?

I’d say a month or so… and no, I haven’t found anything to fix or even mitigate the issue.
I haven’t played properly in over a month because of that :C

ive been feeling the same way. im taking so much damage over such nonsense, its like every faction has now started playing like the beastmen, and as we all know they’re the worst. I genuinely feel like i shouldn’t play anymore, and scratch off dark tide because if this is the direction they’re going i dont want to be involved with that.

The only ‘fix’ I found is to play executioner sword Kruber. When I pick up a rapier Victor, I get wrecked because sometimes the weapon just hangs below the edge of the screen if I try to perform some combinations of charged and light strikes and/or push stabs.

I entirely disagree. It is a painful bug, but I trust the devs to fix it and others. I doubt they’re enjoying receiving so many bug reports, specially since we’re all waiting for the content they’re preparing and I doubt they’d appreciate them being flops.
I love this game and will certainly come back to it, but right now I cannot play it. Bugs happen ; some are annoying, some are funny, and some are game-breaking. I find there are very few game-breaking ones, and they are always the fastest to be fixed.

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