Weapon swap delay or just not working

any body esle still dealing with the wapon swap issue? im 300 hours in and trying to beat cata and i cant cause every time in the heat of combat i go down because i pull out my ranged weapon to shoot a special or something and then try to quick swap back to melee to block and the game just doesnt want to swap so i just get hit and die every time. its ruining the game for me and im getting sick of this happening every game to the point im gana stop playing all together, iv seen post about this since 2018 so how is this till a problem in mid 2020?

Are the input buffer settings related to your issue? Iā€™d try changing them to see which helps. Putting the priority one to max helped me.

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iv been looking all over the internety for answers on what input buffer and priority input buffer mean and nobody has an answer and nobody seems to be asking what it means anywhere so i havnt changed ether of the options.