Weapon Swap broken

On many weapons, weapon swap is still awful, if not the worst it’s ever been.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue:

Have ranged weapon out -> try to swap to melee and block -> weapon instead does whatever the right click of the ranged weapon is due to the attack/action buffer system (if you have a shotgun, you bash; if you have a conflag staff, you draw a circle; if you have another staff, you charge it; if you have a bow, you pull the bowstring - you get the idea) -> you then swap to your weapon between 0.5 to 2s later, depending on ping (yes, this is, for some reason, impacted on ping) and can finally block.

  • How consistently the issue occurs for you

Every single session, almost every map I play.

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It happens the other way around also. I’m mashing the lights, want to switch fast… and if I don’t wait for buffered/lagged attacks to play out, it does not register and I get rekt.

This absurd attack buffering contraption started with 1.6. Nobody asked for it and yet it’s there and we can’t turn it off :cry:

In 1.6, I never had this issue and could switch very fast.

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I have never seen anyone asking for this buffer, but FS decided to implement it, wether we want it or not.
According to Hedge, without this, weapon swapping would feel bad.
Well, it feels worse with it.
It either has to be removed, or we should be able to turn it off in the menu.

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