Is Weapon Swapping even worse now?

Pretty much title. Can’t tell if it’s the Griffonfoot Pistols specifically or what, but getting stuck with my ranged weapon out much more often since CW when trying to quick swap then quickly block. Even leaving an intentional pause between hitting q and blocking I’m still finding myself getting stuck in a Griffonfoot push instead of changing then blocking frequently.

What are other’s experience with this?


Yes kind of felt this also.

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I believe it’s caused by holding block to early when switching from the Griffon-foot. If you’re used to swapping to the Rapier to quickly push, it’s not unnatural to already be holding block before you switch from your ranged weapon. I haven’t had any issues when pressing block after pressing swap, but that may not be the case if your swap is queued up (perhaps the block input gets overwritten? I’m not sure how it works).

Edit: I should’ve checked the other shotguns first. They let you swap during the starting frames of the bash, while the Griffonfoot doesn’t. Hopefully this gets fixed.

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