Change the input queue

Seriously, we have the same problem as with VT2, exhacerbated by the fact that the gameplay is no more main melee-oriented but it’s hybrid

I refer to the fact that weapon swap is cancelled by the LMB or RMB. This can have sense if I’m changing from melee to ranged because with melee weapons you can parry.
But it’s silly to stay with your ranged weapon just because in the confusion of the melee you press the RMB before the weapon swapped.

And BTW, I’m having a lot of problems with some weapons which seem to not correctly register the input of the secondary fire (noticed on staves and grenade gauntlet). You press the LMB and while the audio or the animation seems to indicate you have shot, your weapon haven’t really done anything.

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Seconded. This can be especially painful on “braced” weapons where you might be holding RMB for an extended time and need to quicknswap to a melee weapon to block.

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Yeah that’s dumb. When switching to a flamethrower or braced gun while blocking, you can’t quickswitch back to melee unless you let go of Right-click. It just doesn’t work otherwise.

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Ah, thats what it is? That explains a lot, thanks!

Same story as in VT2. Apart from the stun/stagger situation, some keystrokes have priority over other ones.
Same thing is happening with special attack and normal one. The normal attack trumps the special one.

It’s exacerbated by everything being server side, so if the server you’re playing on is having a seizure it’s even harder.


Yes, that’s another factor. Sometimes I hit an enemy and I don’t do any damage.

this has come up a few times and to be fair they have fixed some of the worst offenders but that weapon swap cancel is a majour pain!

dont follow, its multiplayer its always going to be server based

Formerly the server was host’s computer. That meant that, if the host had a good connection and a decent rig, you experienced less problems. Moreover the number of connections was limited and a personal computer is often rebooted.

Now they have dedicated server that can be very crowded and they aren’t reset so often. This creates lags and rubberbandings.

A big difference.

A lot of functionality that was in previous games were client side, meaning it happened on your client, it told the server, then the server updates that you did it so that other people see you doing the thing. This is client authoritative.

In DT, they moved almost everything to the server, meaning that you do a thing, like in this thread switching a weapon, your client tells the server it wants to swap the weapon and has to wait for the reply from the server that the weapons did swap for the weapon to swap on your side. If the server is underperforming or under too much load, it can miss that request for switching a weapon, resulting in you not switching the weapon on your client despite you pressing the button. This is server authoritative.

Client authoritative is generally easier to implement, less reliant on a good ping to feel smooth, but can be vulnerable to desyncs.

Server authoritative relies on the server to process everything, so can be more reliable, less prone to desyncs but heavily dependant on latency and/or performance to keep the smooth experience, because on average it takes a bit longer than twice as long to do anything (client makes request, server processes and then sends a reply). And performance has been steadily decreasing since the end of December, resulting in a lot more missed inputs and interactions like weapons not swapping and hitting enemies on your screen but them not taking any damage.

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It’s especially noticeable on Heresy+ when a large horde comes in and the server has a seizure with all the enemies, body parts, explosions, and bullets flying around which is also the place where you need snappy weapon switching to be on point

It suffers a lot when you DoT an entire horde. It’s really noticeable when you’re playing as/with a soulfire psyker.

well the difference there is p2p instead of dedicated but there both server based. but i get thats what he meant now.

are you sure it wasnt just allowing a lot of prediction? v2 was terrible for me with having actions undone when the server corrected. not expert (i was a cook not a network engineer ;)) so it could of just been the normal p2p lag i guess.

This is somewhat tangential, but I have an old gaming laptop for a computer (980m GPU, 6th gen i7) so it goes without saying that it’s barely playable with everything turned way down.

The other day for the heck of it I tried using GeForce Now, the streaming service. I’m actually shocked at how well it’s working (I never imagined it would render FPS games playable).

While there is a hint of input lag (less noticeable than running vsync for example) and occasional stutters, I’ve found the gameplay and key registration more consistent. I wonder if it’s because the latency and connection between the FS game servers and NVidia servers is much faster than between my house and FS servers.

Just wild speculation really.

I would move this topic to the Bugs section, however I think this was already reported.