Make attack buffering optional

Since the introduction in WoM beta, this “feature” is plaguing the gameplay. Especially on weapons with high attack speed.
Already on legend, it’s noticable if someone wants to quicksnipe a special and get back to melee.
On Cata it’s outright detrimental, I often find myself left with rapier light attacks instead of changing to ranged to shoot something from the constant stream of specials.
For two years, I never once seen any complaints that should have led to the creation of this. Maybe this is good on console, but not for the PC gameplay.
Knowing how things work here, I don’t even ask for removal, just make it available in the menu for those, who don’t like it, to switch it off.


Maybe you’ll get it in a couple of years as a paid dlc.

I see options for it under Gameplay/Input (input buffer/priority input buffer), but is that not what you’re talking about?

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I think that is what he’s talking about. By setting the input buffer to 0, there is no attack buffering. I don’t know exactly how priority inputs work, but I guess you could leave it at the default 1.

Also this is not constructive and downright insulting to a company that is far from being Electronic Arts.


There’s a specific delay for switching after doing a push attack with the Rapier. Changing the input buffer to 0 seems to make spamming weapon switch work somewhat after doing it. Sorry if this doesn’t address the issue you’ve brought to attention.

Edit: I think it also happens when the Rapier’s fluff animation plays. Weird.

It looks like this is what I was talking about.
I’ve never seen it in the patch notes and I’m pretty sure this was added with S3.
The description of the settings isn’t really good and it took some testing to figure out what value is necessary.
Input Buffer on 0 seems to solve half of the problem and Priority Input Buffer on 2 gives a real good feel to the weapon switch for quickscopeing.
I will do some playtesting in the coming days.

Isn’t attack buffering just a fact? Like it’s always been in the game, but we’re only talking about it because it was mentioned during 2.0? Something something prevents you from interrupting an attack animation with another attack animation, or however the devs put it last time they explained it.

Definitely, there are weapons that need more fine tuning. Beam staff has some wildly long input delays after alt-firing that should have been fixed last year.

Maybe, but I think it was introduced in WoM beta.
When questioning it, the answer from Hedge was, that it’s supposed to make the game experience smoother, but it seriously impacted the quick melee-ranged-melee sequence, like when you had an upcoming packmaster in the trash or a special needed a hipshot.
I only hoped that it wouldn’t be set in stone as the stagger mechanic, but even so, it only took 10 months until someone actually made it optional…

I shan’t presume more about the buffering, but agree their needs more tuning to the weapon swaps. I know I’ve had my quick swaps from range to melee interrupted numerous times with the character aiming the ranged weapon again. Ye olde reliable “I was trying to block with my gun out” cause of death.

So, I set Input Buffer to zero.
I played WHC with rapier.
I’m not sure if the game is this clunky originally and the attack buffering is smoothing it out, or something was changed during WoM beta, or there are some bugs with this, but the experience was awful.
Charged attacks kept getting stuck for 1-2 seconds and everything seemed to be slowed down even if tagging AS and SS procced. It was never this bad before 2.0. I had to set it back to the default.

Setting the Priority input buffer to 2 helped much more, quickswapping ranged and melee feels 90% like it was before 2.0.

Probably needs some further testing to see if less extreme settings can make the experience better.

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That is exactly my experience with Rapier - I just couldn’t reliably swing it at its maximum speed ever.

Also, don’t try setting it to zero with weapons that have infinite charge (like spear, B.longsword etc) :wink:

IIRC it never was that bad - it is a new mechanic and no amount of tweaking can get you back to what it was before.

P.S. Wasn’t that introduced around the QQ-cancel fix?

Also this is not constructive and downright insulting to a company that is far from being Electronic Arts.

How so? They split DLC’s into DLC’s, and have yet to fix a single meaningful bug in 2 years. Can’t wait for the next career, if we’re lucky, maybe we can purchase the voice acting and models separately…!

No they didn’t. They grabbed a 10 dollar DLC and said “We’ll give a cheap version because not everyone is interested in cosmetics, and not everyone can afford 10 dollars” and gave us a 4 dollar version with the exact same amount of gameplay, but no cosmetics.

People need to stop considering GK ‘dlc for dlc’ when what’s really happening is there’s a cheap version and an expensive version and that’s it.
You keep complaining about it and the conclusion fatshark will draw is “Ok so, no more cheap version because people get the wrong idea and people get mad”
And for the record, having more options in how you purchase and consume content can only benefit the consumer.


Aw, come on - let’s not make every thread into the GK DLC one, pretty please?


Yeah I agree dude, I really hate paying for products, everything should be free and the devs should build a temple dedicated to worshiping me