What Input Buffer and Priority Input Buffer Setting do you use?

Just curious what people have settled on for these 2 settings. I’ve got input buffer at 0.5 and priority input buffer up at 2, but things still feel a bit unresponsive to me (eg cog hammer push attack seems to take ages after the push to register).

If anyone’s figured out what’s optimal here your guidance would be greatly appreciated.


My Settings

Input Buffer - 0.5 (max 1)
Priority IB - 2 (max 2)

Priority Input Buffer states that weapon swapping is considered a PRIORITY function. So, it only makes sense to make sure that is maxed out.

Input Buffer essentially remembers your attacks so you can press M1, M2, M1, M1 and the game will remember it.

Not very good if you need to hold block or do a push attack in the middle of that chain.

So, I keep my Input Buffer in the middle so I don’t get stuck having to finish out extra attack animations and have better control over my attacks.

Higher Input Buffer - easier opportunities for dishing out combo attacks in a chain and game will remember a longer series of your button presses

Lower Input Buffer - more control over your attack chain as it remembers less actions and therefore your emergency blocks will register much faster

It basically comes down to personal preference.


The Rapier has a delay for weapon switching (but not attacking) after doing a push attack. I haven’t looked at the Cog but I imagine it’s one of those weird weapon specific things.

I have my Input Buffer set to 0.5 and my Priority Input Buffer set to 2.0.


This explains a lot.

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It’s why I regularly use the Falchion instead of the Rapier with Blessed Combat on BH - so I can do a push attack, get a kill and then swap quickly without the delay.

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