Kerillian - 2H sword Block Cancelling/Push timer

Not sure if it’s intentional, it might just be but I’ve noticed that block cancelling and resuming your strikes on the 2H sword has a big chance of pushing instead of striking regardless of whether you’ve let go of the block button already or not if your weapon hasn’t moved into a certain position.

I can imagine that in a clutch scenario this might mean you end up pushing instead of hitting your target or charging your attack up.

How are you guys feeling about the 2H sword these days? I know the buffs did it quite well and I suppose I’m used to less cumbersome weapons (aside from 2H hammer Bardin) but this is honestly my only gripe with it at the moment as it makes the weapon less nimble.

to clarify; when doing it rapidly the weapon seems to ‘‘hang’’ in it’s animation sometimes?

Edit: this doesn’t seem to happen on Handmaiden for me, which is SO odd.

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Also thanks for using forum search, before making the post.

I have more to do than peruse the forums, and it was initially unclear whether it was a bug or an oversight or design-intent since the weapon is 2-handed. Thanks for the link, regardless.

Yes, the 2h sword feels very unsafe to use with the block cancel and push timings right now. I understand it’s not supposed to be super agile weapon but if kruber and victor can manage to block cancel light 2h sword strikes, so should kerrilian.