Dwarf 2h axe

on demand block is very clunky. the light attack goes 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3. when i’m on 2nd swing and needs a block (and not swing number 3), i press rmb, but the game just keeps going to swing number 3 (sometimes it even continues to swing 1 again). is this intended? i would like this weapon’s handling to be more slick ;o

Huh. Have not had that particular issue. Block is a bit slow…not sure if thats intended but it does make sense. Its a big heavy weapon. I use 2h axe a lot too. Its my preferred melee for IB and RV. I alternate between that and warpick for secondary melee on Slayer.

I Found this when switching from 2H hammer to 2H axe last night. It seems the window to interrupt the hammer swing is much longer then that of the axe. Struggling to switch because of the clunky feel of the axe in comparison.

ya i fee like once u’ve entered swing number 2 on the 2h axe, u’re pretty much stuck in it till the entire 1, 2, 3 animation is finished. :I

Played a bunch of RV and Slayer last night and my preffered method of killing SV on RV is light 1 light 2 block cancel. Not once did it go into light 3. I was always able to block cancel. Dunno. Maybe I am just “in tune” with the 2h axe because I have been using it for so long.

@InFro, I am the opposite I cannot get into 2h hammer on Bardin or Kruber. I always seem to eat lot of hits when using it.

Its called dont spam rt bro

Yeh it seems to be the issue when switching between them. Slightly different attack patterns but once you get good with one, it just feels wrong using the other :). 2H hammer gives a few frames after attacking where you can still cancel the swing by blocking, giving you a mid-swing interrupt. This is the issue I have when trying the 2H axe as I am too used to being a smidge aggressive as I can cancel attacks if I think i’m going to be hit.

Don’t know what the axe is like in all scenarios but you need to get into a rhythm with the hammer where you’re either dealing with a horde with the RMB lunges or elites/ambients with LMB. Cant also deal with elites within hordes by push-LMB-push-LMB…etc until theyre dead. You rarely get hit due to the stagger of the hammer and then fall back into line when the melon has been squished ;).

I will continue to try out the 2H axe for a while but I just love exploding melons with the hammer.

It s because of input buffering witch was really badly implemented imo, they gave 0 attention on how to implement it on every single weapon.

I hope we get a mod that allow us to tweak it or at least FS concider it when they make weapon otherwise they just creat frustrating weapons to use.

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