Bardins 2h axe

What are your thoughts on this weapon. Is it in a good place or does it need adjustments? For me, I wish it got the same treatment as the GS with its sweep.

IMHO its in quite a good place.
Its one of my favorite melee weapons in the whole game.
As I am sure you know…its charged attacks are your main damage dealer for this weapon.
Good vs hordes.
Good vs armor.
Pretty decent vs monster.
Good stagger effect on most enemies.

About the only thing that can mess you up with it IMHO is getting hit while doing charged attacks interrupts you. If you’re not careful you can take some hits because if this.

Edit: I suppose its a little slow with the block animation compared to some others.

Thats the weappn, which kills two fanatics per swing when used by Slayer. Be careful, dont sink in temp hp.

it gives some nice boss killing power when used on the iron breaker. however since the buff to hammer shield the push attack combo can kill SV in 2 hits vs 3 light attacks from the 2h axe, so the hammer shield is faster and more efficient vs regular SV than the 2h axe.

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Its a strong weapon for sure, best overall of the Bardin 2H weapons, but once you’re used to a high mobility weapon like the 1H hammer it just feel wrong to go back to something like this.

Slayer OTOH can make this sort of tihng work really well due to raw attack speed removing the need for dodge dancing in a horde. But at that stage I prefer the Pickaxe which swings even faster and cannot be cancelled by enemy light attacks if you do accidentally get tagged by a rattie.

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@hanzy I find q canceling the 1st attack is better than just using the heavy attack on SV. Been doing this since Vt1. The 2h hammer does more damage using this technique compared to the 2h axe though.

@ShooterMcgavin I agree, the 1h hammer is just too good to pass up compared to the 2h axe and the Pickaxe is better than 2h hammer and faster with the right properties when it comes to fighting hordes since you don’t have to rely on heavy attacks it gives you more time to react to enemies from behind as well.

@HughMongusGrugdin the 2h axe synergizes well with IB cause of his talents that help mitigate damage plus you can rely on your DF vs hordes and just q cancel the 1st light attack using the 2h axe on SV’s and with your ult you can use this to make short work of patrols if aggroed.

Will have to try the Q cancel technique.
I usually just do two charged attacks to the head to kill SV.
I used to mess around with the light attacks for headshots but now prefer two charged to the head.

I do like 2h axe on Slayer but currently having an absolute blast with a Slayer “quad axe” build.

For IB I prefer 2h axe but will sometimes switch out for 2h hammer.

For RV my preference is 1h axe, 2h axe, 1h hammer.
For me it seems like 1h hammer is great at crowd control and defense but takes too many hits to kill things. Maybe theres some breakpoints for it but I have not looked into it much.
I feel like RV is most vulnerable with the 2h weapons and you really have to be on point or you will go down rather quickly.
But man is it satisfying to pull off.

I have always liked Bardins careers and weapons. Slayer is probably my favorite to play with RV being a close second.

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I’m really let down by its mass cleave. It never seems to hit enough enemies to be satisfying against a horde, you lose ground even if you have the position advantage and if someone’s helping you. It’s especially bad against Chaos.

I play RV most of the time, and it doesnt’ even shine when you’re invisible and getting off charged attacks from the middle of the horde itself, not having to bother with blocking or dodging. There’s either not enough raw killpower, or not enough targets being hit period. I’d prefer hitting 2 more fanatics per swing while doing less damage, honestly. As it is, I just find the 2hammer to be a much better weapon.

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I understand and respect your position and play style.
Ultimately comes down to preference IMHO.

The 2h axe charged kills fanatics in one hit.
The 2h hammer takes 2 charged to kill fanatics.

Its a toss up and comes down to preference:
Kill more/faster.
Kill slower but have more crowd control.

I also like how the dodge on 2h axe…I dunno it just feels different than 2h hammer dodge when doing charged attacks.

I dont think 1h hammer needs much power vs. for 2 light attack kill on fanatics either.

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