A question for those informed on Bardin's two handed options

I used to run with an Ironbreaker using a 2h axe but now that I’ve tried out the 2h hammer I must confess that the stagger coming from heavy attacks is just unbelievably good, and the light attacks feels about the same as with the axe.

So I feel that I must ask if the the axe has some property that I am not aware of? Because I feel like I’m downing, for example, Stormvermins and Maulers even better with the hammer than the axe.

So does the axe have some hidden quality or trait I’m not seeing? This is before I jump ship entirely to the “Hammertime Cruiser”.

Also open for general discussion on Bardin’s 2h options, of course. :wink:

Long time 2H hammer user and when I tried out the axe, I just couldn’t get the hang of it. The hammer is just so good as a jack of all trades.

I think the axe is meant to have higher damage but in the current build where stagger is pretty useful, the hammer is just a better pick.

I know some people will swear by the 2h axe but my personal preference is the hammer.

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I might be wrong about this as it was a long time since i checked Bardin´s stuff but i believe that while the hammer does stagger more (&cleave more on heavy attacks) the axe does more damage per hit.

It might also have better armor penetration.

Na you’re not missing anything.
Current state it’s basically a worse 2hh and it makes me sad.

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Thanks guys, I guess this means its…hammertime!

EDITED: By the way, they should totally add a winged helmet as a headgear to the Ironbreaker.

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The axe has better unarmored damage (specially on the light attacks which are way faster than the 2h hammer), which makes it better against maulers & bosses. But due to the 2h hammer’s wider sweeps on heavy attacks, the better armor piercing and the flat out better stagger all around, it’s probably better to use the hammer.

The 2h axe still finds its niche in the hands of a slayer’s great weapons build.

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