Mauler hit me with overhead while im behind him

i am the host in this clip so there is no ping issue. i think its weird that he hit me while im nowhere close to his axe. animation bug?


This is why Fatshark had implemented the dodge meta in the first place to prevent such hiccups like this from happening. Unfortunately, the real problem wasn’t even fixed which is how the enemies continue to track the players even after successful dodging.

Also, maulers are jerks.

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Hitboxes in this game :sweat:

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How do you feel when you see stuff like this?

Because this is how I feel


Just dodge bro, its easy :wink:

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It’s a real shame FS seems generally more interested in pumping out more content than polishing what they already have. Stuff like this is match ruining, at least in terms of immersion and enjoyment.

Between the ice skating, the bizarre tracking and the hitboxes, V2 can make it pretty hard to be immersed some days.


not just with them, they already go several times that with other elite enemies even the normal ones evade their attack or put defense the game ends up damaging

Where have you been?

2018 - Fatshark focuses on optimization and bug fixes. Content drops: Shadows over Bogenhafen and Back to Ubersriek

Community cries over lack of content.

2020 - Fatshark focuses on content drops while still trying to balance optimization and bug fixes.



That would be less of an issue if certain updates wouldn’t break parts of the game.
The recent engineer update was really bad in this regard, even had me consider dropping the game.

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What @Harridas said. Also yes they’ve done a few QoL patches and cleaned some stuff up which is great, but it’s extremely infrequent and honestly barely chipped into the issues.

I’ve been around since pre release beta thank you very much and I completely stand by what I said. Their priority is clearly not with polish, even if they’ve been somewhat better about it recently. That’s fine, I understand why, but from my perspective it most certainly is disappointing.

Please take your corporate boot licking to someone who has any patience for it. I love FS, but they’ve mismanaged large portions of this game, and shot themself in the foot by releasing it in such a bad state originally then having to play catch up for a long time. They frequently break things to a pretty concerning degree with patches and it can take an absolutely absurd amount of time for them to then fix said breakages.

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