Dodging is broken

Dodging in this game is broken. Whats the point if even the simplest of enemies can track you while you slide or dodge left or right.
Or enemies hitting you even though youve dodged away and theyre noticeably out of reach but still register a hit in you.


You have to time your dodging.


First part isn’t that hard.

Usually charging attack, dodging and then releasing charge attack works or dodge → block attack.

Main problem currently with dodging is that you still sometimes get HIT even when you are out of range. That might be just netcode or hitbox issue tho


Dodging is fine imo. I think it feels just about spot on as it is.

Only thing I’ve noticed that feels bad is that sometimes you get clipped by an attack from, say, a swinging Rager, and you can plainly see their axes missing you by about 2 or 3 feet. That doesn’t feel great.

EDIT - Swinging rager sounds pretty suggestive.


Enemies track much harder then they do in V2. The charging overhead northmen did in V2 would lose tracking if you did a side dodge, but in DT this seems to either not be the case or it’s bugged. Enemies also seem to do a super slide if you turn your back to them, even if it’s just to look behind you for an instant. That attack has bonkers tracking and range and a small dodge window.

Couple the harsher tracking with the nerfed dodges and I find so many situations where it is impossible to dodge enemies, and blocking is the only way to avoid damage.

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They are homming missiles, I make 2 dodges backwards and poxwalked with his hand risen chases me still.

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This pretty much makes single target weapons poor, wide swinging cleave can get you ro block only cause enemies randomly popup from behind.

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Does seem like there is a bit of weirdness with dodging and running away. Like enemies can still hit you like their attacks stick if you don’t go a specific distance. I’ve noticed it a few times, but I could just be imagining things. Maybe it’s a lag (system or network) thing, too.

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Throwing in a few shoves now and then might help.

Dodging is still useable, it’s just massively nerfed. From VT2 to DT they severely nerfed your defensive options in general. Dodging has a greater lockout between dodges, enemies have greater tracking, dodge windows to stop their tracking are smaller, enemies have longer and more delayed attacks, dodging stops your stamina from regenerating (making using pushes to compensate for the other things a limited resource), you get stunned for an eternity if your guard is broken, etc. It’s not broken, it’s just been nerfed into the ground on purpose (which I think was a bad idea).


I have had no issues with the dodging whatsoever.

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they quite literally track you mid swing. bumping helps ofcourse but if the person is mid swing and i dodge it and still hits me, whats the point of dodging

dude i have 70 hours in the game. i know how dodging is suppose to work. when i dodge BEHIND AN ENEMY and they still hit me looking the completely wrong way, its broken

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A lot of these “dodge doesn’t work” complaints sound an awful lot like bad lag.

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I think they overnerfed dodge in some of the patches, I getting less hits in VT2 with similar weapons. And dodging with ranged weapons still is not working.

It’s not just the patches, dodges have been nerfed since the pre-order beta began due to the reasons I listed previously. They were made worse via patch though when they increased the dodge lockout, which I can’t fathom the reason for.

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Obviously not dude, since you’re still getting hit :woman_shrugging:

I read somewhere that the mobility stat on some weapons affects iframes of dodge. If that’s correct that may factor into it. Dodging melee attacks feels reasonable to me with most weapons. Mostly just the cooldown on dodge fatigue feels a bit too much currently.

Yeah, that’s my main issue at the moment, you see it miss by a large margin and slam into the floor, yet you lose half your health and all of your toughness.

That and dogs… I swear I either dodge a dog successfully, its model clearly is going to miss yet it rubber bands onto me, or I totally screw the dodge and it phases straight through me and doesn’t hit. There is no other option.