Horrible Unlisted Change in Path 1.0.7 that made Dodge even worse: "Increased the default dodge reset timer from 0.85 to 1 second"

I can’t even…

Please kindly tell me who on Fatshark is making those “balance changes”. Becasue it sounds like someone who never played Vermintide 2 games and is doing changes based on some “hunch” instead of tested gameplay.

So here is great change from last patch:

- Increased the default dodge reset timer from 0.85 to 1 second.

To compare the reset timer in Vermintide 2 was 0.5 second. If you felt like you are suddenly glued in place after some dodging: this is why.

This + dodge stopping stamina regeneration… I can’t even. What the hell is even that?


If this really is an unlisted change, and it feels like this is correct, this is the primary issue people are having with the new dodge updates.

Most of the complaints in my personal circle of play have been not from players who were using high-dodge weapons like the combat knife (though it was unpleasant for them to adapt) but from users of mid-weight 2.5 dodge weapons such as the Catachan blades, who now have a significantly tighter window to manage repeated dodges that does not play well with the relatively common performance and connection issues.
Being able to maintain movement through dodges is key to melee combat in this game, especially for weapons that don’t have a Blocking stat, so hopefully we’ll see some of these changes stepped back slightly.

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It needs more than a slight step back, even if this change is reverted dodging is still weaker than it was in VT2 for no reason that I can understand. You don’t regenerate stamina while dodging and enemies have alot more super delayed attacks (infested infantry have nothing but delayed attacks with tight dodge windows), both of which make melee in this game significantly harder while also introducing powerful ranged enemies that can shred you when you’re occupied in melee. It doesn’t make much sense considering most players in VT2 already struggled on the higher difficulties, and it also just makes the game feel worse.


The dodge nerf feels terrible, it feels like you’re practically stuck while hordes of specials lap around you.

This is the biggest slap in the face for me for a player coming from vermintide. Its either you dodge and eventually run out of pushes/blocks and get killed, or you dont dodge that often and get hit because of it, and eventually get killed. On higher level difficulties these 2 choices will eventually be your fate