Can we have a Dodge count display?

Could be an other segmented bar right above/under the stamina.

In vermintide 2 we had the dodge count Ui approved mod, with the remaining number of dodges and the timer displaying the count down before regaining all the dodges.


Fatshark hates explaining how mechanics work or giving you UI elements to see how the mechanic is working. They still don’t even explain how dodging works in the tutorial, it’s quite epic.

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Stamina regen is tied to the dodge btw. You need to stop dodging for 1.00 sec (it was 0.5sec in V2 iirc) before it starts regenerating stamina… Could be useful to have it on screen instead of hazardous muscle memory.

That needs to just go altogether or at least be reverted to VT2 levels, it’s one of the many regressions from VT2 that gimps the melee combat. If you’re using a weapon with low cleave and thus need to compensate with pushes in order to avoid damage as just dodging won’t cut it, then you’re basically running on borrowed time. You’ll eventually run out of stamina and because dodging cuts your stamina regen you’re just going to eat guaranteed damage after that point.


I like that +1