Dodge needs to stop preventing stamina from regeneration. Asap

Seriously. Play Diff 4-5 and fight vs horde + mix elites in melee. You need to dodge constantly to not die, however while doing so my stamina does not regen so I can’t do block if needed, I can’t do push when needed, I can’t do push attack when needed. If I stop dodging: I die but if I don’t block or push I also won’t die or I won’t kill enemy cause for example I have my best attack vs certain situation on push attack or I really need to block becasue suddenly I have no room to doge. But I can’t block sincemy stamina couldn’t regenerate.

This change/bug vs Vermintide 2 is absolutely moronic. It serves NOTHING in game. Only making the natural game loop/melee combat works against itself. There was a reason dodge was never tied to stamina in Vermintide 2. To prevent sluggish combat issues like that.

You did it right in Vermintide 2. Why you made it worse now?


I agree. This is probably my least favorite change so far. You can really feel its impact on higher difficulties, and it’s not fun. I understand the reasoning behind it; it makes sense on paper. But in-game it just feels bad to play around compared to Vermintide. I hope it gets tweaked before launch.

I do agree with both of you and I would like to use the Double Tap on ASD Keys to Dodge, it would be SO Much better!!

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+1 for doubletap dodge :smiley:

Agreed, this needs to be fixed! Meele combat is a mess right now.

it’s fine as it is


It definitely makes melee combat harder and a little clunkier than Vermintide, since it takes push-attack combos out of the combat loop unless you’re just not gonna dodge (which would be crazy).

I haven’t seen stamina regen on a curio yet, so that could be one work around using the current systems, if it exists. If it doesn’t, they could maybe consider dialing back the stamina regen penalty from dodging.

I agree entirely, its like they didnt learn anything from vermintide 2 or more likely; the designers that made the systems for darktide didnt even work on Vermintide 2 so they had no clue what makes it so good