Why is dodging stopping Stamina regeneration?! This is serious issue and hopefully bug because it's just horrible design if not!

When you are dodging your stamina regeneration is pausing for like 0.5 second, making it really akward to dodge dance, do push attack around enemies as you are constantly out of stamina for push attacks combos as dodge stopping the natural speed of stamina regen.

This is very very serious. I hope it’s bug not another brilliant design decision like Psyker or Zealot “changes”, because I can’t imagine playing Vermintide 2 with something like that ever.

Why is dodge a Stamina blocker?


dodging costs stamina.

It never did and should not. In Tide game Stamina is NEVER tied to Dodge. Blocks and Push attacks cost Stamina. Sprint in Darktide. Dodge was always tied to your weapon which has “dodge count” (for example 3 for X weapon) and after that many dodges in row you are getting little cooldown before your dodges are effective again.

Dodges never were supposed to cost Stamina or be tied to it in any way.

Also even now Dodge does not cost stamina. It only prevents it from regenerating for short time. Go to mission have lets say 50% stamina, it starts to regen, dodge. Your stamina did not drop (not cost). It just stops regenerating for like 0.5 second.