Dodge is stopping stamina regeneration! Serious bug

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**Issue Description: When you are dodging your stamina regeneration is pausing for like 0.5 second, making it really akward to dodge dance, do push attack around enemies as you are constantly out of stamina for push attacks combos as dodge stopping the natural speed of stamina regen. Dodges were never tied to Satmina in any Tide game. They are not supposed to work with stamina at all.

**Steps to Reproduce: Dodge. You can see your stamina stops regenerating.

**Platform: PC/Steam

**Reproduction Rate: 100%

**Upload Supporting Evidence: Just Dodge


thanks, wanted to write it too

Yeah I didn’t see this in the big list o changes and I haven’t observed it changed in the game. I guess the dodge/weapons with staggers meta will persist, despite what the design team wants?