I will say it again: dodge stopping stamina regeneration is just idiotic and eliminates a lot of chance to save game when you are left alone

I had couple games when I was left solo becasue my team died. No big deal, happens. In Vermintide 2 it’s difficult and tricky situation but if you have skill you can carry and get to team and pick them up.

However this idiotic feature that prevents stamina from regeneration when dodging makes almost impossible when you are pressed by horde (especially on Endless Horde and on objectives where they keep spawning) as I can’t dodge to kite and use push while timing my blocks correctly to get myself away from being surrounded and body blocked. If I stop dodging to regain stamina: my block will be broken and I will be stunned since I have had no stamina regeneration, if I stop to push I now can’t start dodging as I won’t have stamina for next push, if I keep dodging I won’t have stamina to push 2-3 mobs in front of me to make my way to team with horde on back since I can’t regen stamina.

It’s a “broken loop” that just doesn’t make sense. This feature solo makes blocking, dodging and pushing works AGAINST EACH OTHER, not TOGETHER IN TANDEM, like it supposed to.

Seriously - this is SINGLE THE MOST IDIOTIC change you made from Vermintide 2. It makes everything that was great about combining dodge, push and block for mobility and smooth movement even when pressed hard gone.

Whoever was the author of this idea should change job. Sorry to be salty but this is beyond frustrating feature in game. It’s not fun, it’s not “hard”, it’s just frustrating. More than crashes and disconnects.


Agreed, this change and the general change to enemy attack patterns to have more delayed attacks (infested infantry have almost nothing but attacks so delayed that it makes a stormvermin overhead look fast) make the melee combat just feel atrocious compared to VT2. If your stamina could regenerate while you’re dodging then you could properly mix in pushes to compensate for the more varied attack timings, which would be good enough, but I really just wish they’d copy + paste VT2’s melee design philosophy.


I do not understand why they think the dodge reset timer isn’t enough ; low-cleave weapons are bad enough as it is against fodder and hordes, we don’t need to go further and make defensive melee more difficult.

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I honestly don’t understand why getting rid of kiting, nor why nerfing the Psyker’s ult to the ground…

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They keep nerfing things they don’t need to. Mobility in VTII made combat feel so good. In DK CBT combat felt good. Now they nerf dodge, sprint, niche classes like priest and psyker… game is turning more and more into generic fps game lol.

Dev ratherdone said, “no kites 4 u”

Agreed, I’ve had the same thing happen to me several times as well. It feels incredibly bad trying to survive in these situations, especially when you combine it with the chip damage you take constantly even if you manage to keep up your toughness by killing enemies. You then combine this inability to keep dodging with ranged enemies that shoot through the hordes without killing them, and it’s just a recipe for disaster.

Yesterday I couldn’t survive a horde thanks to a flamer that kept blowing up my toughness, because I didn’t have enough stamina to push, which caused the enemies to break my toughness, which in turn rooted me in place, and because I didn’t have stamina thanks to trying to dodge out of the flames, I couldn’t block or push and you get the idea. Not nice.

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