Patch 1.0.6 - Undocumented Dodge Changes

As of the hotfix 1.0.6 I notice that dodging with melee weapons (specifically the knife; I hadn’t tested others) has been heavily nerfed. Previously I could endlessly dodge while wielding the knife but now after a few dodges I am slowed to a complete halt.

Not sure if this change was intended because I cant see anything about it in the notes but I thought uninhibited dodging for the dagger was a fitting and fun mechanic. Very sad to see it gone.

They shouldn’t have even touched it. Dodging is INTEGRAL to staying alive. VT2 has no halts or slowdowns.

FatShark, is your director high? Because these are pretty terrible changes if you’ve nerfed dodging. You may as well spawn 400 snipers in an area and make us move like molasses.

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It was the same in Vermintide 2 though? If you spammed dodges without attacking or shoving you would eventually slow down until your dodge was basically non-existent.

All you literally have to do is weave in an attack unless you’re just doing this for distance in which case you just have too wait like 1 second and you’ll have your “dodge stamina” back

V2 had slowdowns on dodges with the dodge limit. It wasn’t effective at all to dodge past that limit.

You are expected to mix it up with pushes and other mechanics. Max dodge count is part of the Vermintide mechanics also. Mix in some pushes etc. and let the dodge count reset.

I’m not a fan of what seems like maybe an accidental consequence of these dodge nerfs.

Now when you hit the dodge “floor”-- where your dodges are the worst, it feels like you are dodging through sludge instead of the short and stiff style dodge that it was in VT2 and prepatch(?).
Essentially when you cap your dodges you end up keeping a similar total duration but moving really slowly instead of just having a short/no distance dodge, which feels really crappy. Hopefully some dodge adjustments get made.

Push, crowd control, reset, dodge, repeat.