Dodge reset timer too High

The reset timer on dodges from ranging 0.85 seconds to 1.1 seconds depending on melee weapon is pretty awful for melee combat. In vermintide 2, dodge reset timer was about 0.5 seconds, and in darktide, dodging is even more important because of ranged enemies. Currently, melee feels a lot like just wailing on enemies until they perish, with no real skill involved. With a 0.5 second dodge cooldown, melee combat feels a lot more like a dance rather than a fistfight between wheel-chair bound paraplegics. Fatshark, I beg you to institute a lower dodge cooldown and see how it goes before nerfing/buffing it in accordance with community feedback.


The changes to melee combat have overall been very bad. Enemies have more delayed attacks (infested infantry almost entirely have attacks so delayed that they make a stormvermin overhead look fast), stamina doesn’t recharge when you’re dodging (making pushing to compensate for the varied enemy attack timings a limited resource), etc all make this game just feel straight up worse than VT2. I don’t understand these nerfs when most people found VT2’s combat hard enough as it is, but now your options are worse and you have to worry about ranged enemies tearing you to pieces. I don’t like it.


Man based off the god awful swap animations for most decent guns i assumed FS wanted more melee gameplay but then they nerf dodges lol…


Let’s see:

-Nerfed dodged regeneration
-Nerfed dodge distance
-Nerfed dodge speed
-Dodge slide loses its extra boost
-Repeated dodges diminish until it freezes you in place

Ranged enemies that:

-stun the player on hit, interrupting movement and attacks
-shots knockback players, even the melee class during its ult
-ranged hordes on difficulty 4/5 that replace melee hordes
-pixel sized hitscan aimbots that shoot from shadows/behind cover from across the map
-snipe through crowds of their own units
-rapidfire autogun/laser spam that spawn in multiples, in addition to the ranged horde
-stunlock players preventing any movement/attacks when there’s critical masses of them
-ignore Warhammer rules of engagement: may not shoot when engaged by melee, or fire at enemies engaged with teammates in melee

Gameplay on 3 classes is now identical on higher difficulties. Pixel hunt snipe and rat behind cover every match, or be stunlocked to death.


Dodge felt fantastic before.

Melee let you dance and duel scary melee enemies.

Hefty guns like lasgun made your dodge slower and shorter but with good timing still saved your butt from gunners/shotguns/snipers and slow melee swings.

Guns like revolver/autopistol had a massive benefit in that they dodge almost like melee weapons, providing a reason to use them rather than big guns.

With these changes, dodging feels clunky, gamey, and terrible… and also heavily effects lighter guns as it ruined arguably their best feature… guess I gotta switch back to big guns.

Reverse the dodge nerf please!