The dodge cool down nerf feels terrible

The dodge cool down feels terrible now. Stamina is already kind of awful, chip damage sucks, the ready speed for most weapons is abysmal, movement speed feels janky, and now dodge is nerfed into the ground. Why is FS so intent on making everything feel sluggish and just plain bad?


Everything doesn’t feel sluggish or “just plain bad” imo. It largely feels good, though maybe weapon ready/swap speed could be increased a bit.

Compared to VT2, or any other horde brawler, yes it does


Na, this game feels way better than VT2.

You are objectively nerfed compared to VT2, I don’t know how you think this.


Dodge was perfect as is.

You could dance around for dueling strong melee enemies if you were already melee.

With a Lasgun your timing needed to be better because it was a tiny dodge but it was still usable.

With my revolver, it is almost as good of a dodge as melee and was a major reason I used it.

Now dodging feels sluggish and artificial.

Please revert this dodge nerf Fatshark.


If you want a strong useful gun then it feels sluggish see bolter. If you want a gun that doesn’t feel sluggish you mag dump into a mauler/berserker to get one kill this feels bad see revolver/most lasguns/autos

Also most melee weapons that aren’t slow as balls like powersword take like 10 hits to kill a mauler let alone an ogryn. So again sluggish or bad.

I remember playing elf in VT2 and being able to pick dual daggers which are mediocre against hordes but mobile and could 1 shot stormvermin but now the closest equivalent is the catachan daggers and I can’t even like 5 shot a mauler with heavy attacks and ogryns are closer to the Chaos warrior equivalent.

Anyways I feel stuck using powersword because I don’t want to always have to pull out my sluggish bolter just to deal with any thing more dangerous than chaff.


I’m not interested in endless VT2 comparisons like a few people posting in the feedback section.

Maybe everyone shouldn’t be able to solo everything on any difficulty. Taking a powersword to something’s face endlessly maybe isn’t the best solution for every situation in a game that encourages playing close to your team members.

Maybe people don’t like the game feeling worse for no real reason? Nerfing people to encourage “teamplay” is silly.


Yeah, tell that to yourself when you are left alone and you need to get to the team to pick them up on Diff 4-5.

But judging from you comment you will just quit the match becasue “should’t be able to solo”

Sorry to break it for you but on Diff 4-5 it’s very common that you are left alone or two of you and you need to get to rest to pick them up. Game should not be over till at least one person is standing and should give you tools to be able to do that since it’s co-op game where its over only if last person falls.

As it is now it’s less frustrating to just suicide than trying to carry with dodge/stamina nerfs since you can’t move, can’t kite, can’t block, can’t push. Just die and don’t try to win the match when you are alone becasue “shouldn’t be able to solo. Sit behind cover and shoot stuff. That’s Darktide.”


Being reductive about what I said is cool, but doesn’t change my opinion on it. Sounds like we just disagree.

I do think it should be slightly more than VT2’s 0.5 second cooldown, but making it closer to 1s is too oppressive.

I think i liked it back when it was 0.75. Currently i find myself trying to dodge and it makes me jump instead, and that just sucks.


If they didn’t want comparisons they would have chosen a name other than Darktide but they did and it’s practically a sequel so you’re gonna get comparisons.

Taking a powersword is gonna be generally better unless you have an unlimited source of ranged armour piercing damage that will allow you to pick utility options like a knife.


Genuine question, why? Have you ever even tried to do a true solo run in VT2? It’s not like it’s a cakewalk like you’re making it sound, and if you do claim that it’s a cakewalk I’d LOVE to see you post footage of you soloing in Cata, or even Legend, because otherwise I just can’t see a reason why you would think being able to solo some maps is a bad thing.

Why shouldn’t it be possible to be good enough to be able to solo maps? Why should the game artificially and forcefully prevent you from doing that by imposing stupid limitations on what you can do?

What’s the point of having the downed ally system if it should be impossible to come back from it? You might as well just kill off the game as soon as a 3rd person falls down in that case, or is 2 people alive still not enough teamwork for your tastes? Should missions only be possible with 3 people alive? Or is even that too much soloing? If we’re gonna limit how people can play the game like that, why not make it so the first person dying ends the mission immediately? That surely promotes the most teamplay after all!

Also if they didn’t want all the VT comparisons, they probably shouldn’t have copied over so many systems over that were done miles better in VT, eh?


Before the dodge changes my general feeling on the game was something like, “It needs a lot of work but the fundamental game-play is solid.” But now I’m not so sure.

I’ve played with Vermintide vets and completely new players on discord this week and almost everyone noted how the movement felt slow and sluggish, especially for those of us who played the closed beta.

I sincerely hope Fatshark considers this feedback and at the very least reverts the latest dodge change as it doesn’t promote better game-play the way they think it does - it just make the game ‘feel’ bad and you don’t need to have a granular level understanding of 'tide mechanics to grok this.

I also think movement speed and sprinting is a tad too slow but I’ll settle for a dodge revert whilst you figure this out.


I think you havent played vermintide in a while because this opinion is such in the minority its not even funny, basically everyone else realizes Vermintide’s combat is far smoother than darktides in its current state


Pox dogs as well after the nerf when using melee weapons feels like they will ALWAYS land their leap on you now as well. Not sure what they changed but I went from dodging dogs perfectly to getting leaped on every single time. Even seen them do 90 degree mid air turns to land a leap despite it being a clear miss.


Yeah, it’s pretty disheartening to watch things regress with each tuning pass.

Glad you said this. Everyone talking about the melee combat in VT2 being too easy or trivial speak like they’re 3k hour vets who can solo with their eyes closed. The vast majority of players on VT2 did not find the game easy on the top two difficulties, and even extremely skilled players couldn’t solo with anything close to 100% consistency. Taking into account how DT is almost definitely harder than VT2 on a fundamental level (dangerous ranged enemies, more tanky elites, less self-sustain, etc) and it makes these mechanical nerfs to melee just ridiculous.