Dodge nerf is most heaviest mistake that making game unfun to play

Devs you made a huge mistake nerfing dodge. Waltz and kiting was CORE component of melee combat of your games. Even if its a bit “broken” it was a very fun to use and sometimes only this ability to kite can save an almost failed run. Not everyone can do it properly even if its not hard. It was a CORE mech of vt2.

You know game has weapons like tactic axe, knife, revolver, sword? Now its completely unplayable garbage noone will play with. You spend days coding moves, drawing looks of theese weapons and now it will be ignored forever. This specific weapons paid dps for extra safe mobility and most important - it was VERY FUN TO PLAY WITH. Why are you nerfing fun aspects of a game, isnt it the most important thing in games, the fun? Even if this is a bit “exploity” ?

I am very disappointed and i am sure many players too. You are trying to make a fun slashy game, right? And now we will be forced to play with solid meta weapons because there is no alternative. If meta will be fun you will nerf it too?

I praying you FS bring back dodge, this change will kill the game, seriously. This is huge miss.



Dodge nerf and being perma rooted/interruped by ranged fire feel like crap. It’s not Warhammer anymore, more like a CS match.


For some reason, fatshark seems to have a heatseeking missile for anything the community finds fun.

Zealot and Psyker in closed beta test? Super fun.

Both heavily nerfed for being too fun on prelaunch beta.

Now they post lackluster buffs when they should just revert them and slightly adjust numbers.


i completely agree. If they making repeatative warhammer they shouldnt remove fun stuff from it. Players need resources and abilities to get fun from gaming process, otherwise its a bad idea. This have chances to be 100% Nutbuster but without “No fun allowed policy”


I even ready to accept ranged permastagger and mid dash interruption but nerfing dodges… its holy terra, and they just bring horus to it.


I can’t agree more than that, 100% true! this is not fun anymore, bunch of weapons is now useles. dodges has no purpose in the game anymore.

I think a lots of players base will refund because of this absurd idea of nerfing the dodge -_-


good change. having ‘solo hero’ players dodge themselves a mile away from squad coherency and then rage at everyone for not reviving them when they get mobbed or stunned was a pain in the backside.


congrats now everyone will stuck with slow boring weapons playing a game called “hold the tight pass”



Skiing was also a bug in Tribes.


dodge chaining was literally faster then sprinting…


Can anyone please explain what about dodging exactly was nerfed? I’m not quite clear from the patch notes. Also was there any tech involved, or are we mostly talking about spamming dodge off cooldown?


but its only on 3 weak weapons, you cant defeat hordes of enemies with them even with this dodging constantly. They took this mobility and all whats left from this weapons is weak attack capabilities. Before patch you could run with knife,dodging like warp spider into enemy gunline to keep them busy in melee to reduce damage for your party. It feels very good and pumped some adrenalin. Now what? Its dead.


dodge distance and dodge fatigue nerfed. Now its impossible to count on dodges, 3 weapons become useless and forgotten with no point to use anymore


i mean, you can still easily evade all melee attacks with them, something not all melee weapons allow. A knife user can still keep a Monstrosity busy and stay alive easily, you just can’t outrun a bullet anymore. It means you need a team… I’d imagine it’ll be more effective when Suppression mechanics are working as intended.

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You drastically lose speed and distance after the first dodge. So dodge sliding to close into melee or using it to avoid gunshots from ranged spam once you’re in melee is dead.

On diff 4/5 it means you’re perma-rooted/staggered trying to use melee, especially with the hordes of ranged trash and autogun/laser spam.


Honestly, I’d prefer dodges to be buffed again for sure, though they’re just a band-aid on how unfun the ranged combat can be when there’s so much of it (difficulties 4/5 and oozing, and it makes it really unfun after a while, feels more like 80-20 gun melee split rather than a 60-40). Combined with the bugs that make locking enemies into melee + suppression not working on all weapons, and it really just doesn’t feel great to nerf the one solution players had.

also it was a solid alternative to fight with gunners without firing back and requires a lot of skill to not get into stunlock on open space, now game is just forcing you to shootout. On heresy + ranged enemies wrecks.


You clearly haven’t used the nerfed knife man. Its ass the dodge is non existence. On 4 or 5 it was fun to at least force the infinite amounts of range units into melee by dash sliding into them, now you just sit and wait for your range to deal with everything because melee users lul.


As a long time elf main, I can concur: fatshark doesn’t like fun.


ooooh so this is why it felt really bad earlier…