Change melee dodge to Oct beta dodge

Currently am loving the beta, but I immediately noticed that the new dodge implemented, (which allowed people holding their ranged weapons to dodge attacks), feels alot more stiff than how it was in the last two betas. I’m not sure if the tweak made to dodge has something to do with the dodge counter (something VT2 had to prevent spamming dodge), but It feels like my first dodge doesn’t go as far as before, and any further dodges slow me to a halt. Looking back at gameplay from the last two betas, you can practically dodge dance everything that wasn’t a Mutant or Hound and it was great for carrying games with randoms, but with the current dodge it feels a lot harder to dodge to avoid hits in general. The last beta’s dodge was overpowered, but man was it so much fun to have so much mobility. Thank you again for letting us play the beta early Fatshark!

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