Is anybody talking about dodge?

I’ve done some reading, and for the most part, I see a lot of complaints about enemy health, broken talents, tHP just not being helping, and the game now being frustratingly difficult.

That being said, I actually expected a lot more discussion about the dodge changes. It is, in my opinion, one of the biggest issues added with the 2.0 update (Aside from glitches or bugs). It was a big issue talked about in the beta. I have no idea why they would change it, considering all of the feedback save for a handful of individuals was negative. And now, the damage is done. A line that stands out to me from a beta thread back in june is this: “If these changes to dodge go live, there will be an uproar”.

And here it is. Revert these changes, Fatshark. We need individual survivability .


You mean you can’t now spam dodge mindlessly infront of stacked horde? Well Dodge change is one of better done here change


If there was one thing not having a majority standing it was the dodge change. But yes it seems they made it a bit slimmer than the last beta build. 0.5 -> 0.25.

Note 0.25s Should compensate for 250 ping.

Dodge changes are one of the changes I’m actually fine with, though I typically am playing with just bots - I know it could be bad for people with moderate ping, and that should be addressed.


First of all, this is a coop game so the mechanics that pushes players to play coop style instead individual style are welcomed

And second point, we have individual survivability, you can block, dodge and attack, the “problem” is that now you have to think about how to do it to survive, not just spam dodge and attack.

Imo nice changes im sorry for dodge dance lovers and individual style players.

Dodge is fine. Vs Chaos and Skaven there is no noticeable difference in dodge effectiveness through regular play - the changes were mostly made to prevent cheesing.

The only place where it feels bad is vs Beastmen, but that’s more of an issue with the faction than the gameplay mechanics. Beastmen are a lot weaker than when they were first released, but by design they are a direct counter to individual survivability.


So there isn’t actually uproar about it?

Dodge is harder to quantify and actually deserved nerf in pre 2.0 state. There’s no guarantee that it needs to stay as it is and not get some buffs, but there’s more things to complain about.

In practise, it cant compensate for 150 ping. Assassins jumping a bit left/right as you dodge, and then teleport on top of you


The assassin pounces in the direction where you are ( including during dodge) so the timing is important. The window most likely is not even applied to him.
Not compensated for ping as far as I know.

Due to the behavioral changes:

Dodge seems to be pretty good now. I’m not sure I’ve ever had as much consistency with dodging things as I have in this version of the game. It seems like Storm Vermin and stuff tracks a lot less than before, where they would frequently track you during or through dodge. They don’t do the instant-track overhead constantly like they used to. When I time my dodges properly, I dodge a lot more things. It feels great. Also don’t have enemies endlessly skating at you on their heelies when you dodge. You can actually evade it better now it feels due to the dodge and enemy behavior changes.

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dodge distane seems to be shorter now
I think, it was better before

First of all, this is a solo game with bots, so the mechanics that pushes players to play single player style instead of coop style are welcomed here

and second point we have coop survivability, you can block, dodge, and attack, the “problem” is that now you have to have a good premade and stack on top of one another like in l4d which dulls gameplay down a large margin during horded instead of just spamming dodge and attacking.

imo bad changes, im upset for the dodge dance lovers and the individual style players.

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dodge has an internal cooldown based on the weapon type you hold I believe. So you dodge 3-4 times and you dodge 1 millimeter instead of 20 yards.


Dodge distance is exactly the same for most weapons, except for some that got an increase in dodge distance.


Dno i think what they did to dodge is probably one of the better things they did with this patch. Guess it could have some minor latency protection but that’s about it.

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