I Know the old Dodge is not coming back but

But could it be tweaked a little or something

(Yo No negative comments I came back in peace ya’ll)


Yeah its could go little closer on edges, that dodge window could be little smaller

I Don’t understand exactly , what you mean

I think it should be easily doubled. 75% of the playerbase is not the host. The game should account for that and I think the new dodge changes really highlight ping in a negative way.


Tru Tru “Tweak the Dodge”

It should go back to what it was for lag reasons, and be balanced by tweaking the dodge count resource. The problem was never that it was too powerful, the problem was that it was too spammable.

At minimum it should work on running attacks again, and have the enemy attack lead (first .25 sec of enemy attack anim tracks you whetehr you are dodging or not) removed. At least then it would be reliable, if still too lag sensitive.


You Right dude … I thought I’m the only one that thinks it was total unnecessary to Nerf it … I Mastered it and had so much fun with it … part why I Enjoyed this game so much


I would like to see an half way between 1.6 and 2.0.


Anything , something, why destroy all the fun , I don’t get it man


I don’t think it needs to go back to 1.6, as dodging was laughably easy up to 200 ping, over that you got punished.

Now if I’m in a game and my ping goes yellow (over100?) then I drop out, purely as I’m getting frustrated enough as it is getting kicked in the love spuds lightning fast by a Beastman without ping punishing me too, so I agree there needs to be some relaxing of the dodge window but not so much it’s back to enemies facing in the wrong direction while you pummel them in the back of the head after a couple of dodges.

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Everybody agrees somehow it needs some changes


Yeah it need change to be harsher, You can play with it even on 200 ping, problem there is that mobs teleports rather than hits from ass

Yo I said no negative comments dude

Fatshark can’t build an online game around a perfect scenario. If they don’t code for the reality of how the bulk of their players interact with their game then they aren’t doing their job.



The advantage of using the already existing resource system is it works equally regardless of ping. Then dodge can be balanced for the typical usage scenario without being OP for the host.

I live in Hawaii meaning I’m always going to have 100+ ping (I can only connect to NA players). Most of the time my ping reaches 150-190 with 150 considered low for me. Playing anything that isn’t ironbreaker or merc is very risky for me with all the new changes; it isn’t fun.

Ofc it’s “my fault” for living in Hawaii but this is a good example of how ping affects players; play a tank or take delayed phantom hits through block and dodge all day and die.


I humbly disagree. I played on a buddy’s pc recently and think it is in a good place. The dodge spam before was…obnoxious. it was SO overpowered it made blocking all but useless and obsolete. There was two ways to avoid damage in the game. One was so sickeningly easier and better then the other one that it made your head spin. Combat feels more balanced between block and dodge now.

Well, I’ve kinda got use to it now. But it could use a slight buff. I think it’s at 0.8 now, perhaps just set it to 1 and see how that feels. The 1.5 seconds before was far too cheesy. I think a lot of frustration comes from to change to how mobs interact with dodging now. As back dodging away from enemies is heavily punished. You will get hit 90% of the time, you have to side dodge.

Also, sickomode, you are a console player who has said you’ve never played on PC. So I’m curious how you’ve tested this?


Unless they changed something in hotfixes and I missed, dodge is 0.75s for running attacks only, 0.25s for normal attacks.
Dodge windows (my guess the immunity from being retargeted by dodged attackers is 0.75s for running attacks and 0.5s normal attacks.

Considering that they already nerfed back dodge with enemies still running at you, I don’t fully understand why back dodging doesn’t get proportional treatment of normal attack dodge window.
Furthermore, you have to remember, that the retargeting also was nerfed and only attacking enemies that are dodged lose track of you, not everyone else.

Now, let’s get a bit of a non game ping in this. The AVERAGE reaction time is 0.25s for visual stimuli. Add on whatever ping you have twice, because you get visual feedback that late and it does need to be sent again. If you’re working with let’s say 125 ping on average. That’s 0.25s more delay.