Feedback on enemy movement and attacks [video]

Download link for the video file

I realised i’ve made a mistake when measuring the time it takes for an attack to connect (i misunderstood the units). The correct times are:
Chaos spawn 4 hit combo - 259 ms, 249 ms.
Chaos spawn 3 hit combo - 505 ms.
Chaos warrior bash - 533 ms.
Marauder standing attack - 560 ms.


I miss playing with you from way back in the beta. Had a lot of exciting runs with you!

doom_hamster is A+++ gamer :smiley:

fyi, that enemy collision thing bothers me. We can’t pass through enemies but the enemies can pass right through us and hitting us and possibly causing us to die… annoying.

The enemy’s weapon reach used to be absolute awful back in the beta. It’s gotten a little better but even with playing around with FOV, I still get hit even though on my screen the enemy’s weapons are miles away from me.

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On point with everything pretty much. Still experience most of this stuff in my casual pubs every day. Also a 1000h+ veteran and I also just kinda got used to the idea that enemies are bugged and I should just work around that fact.

Just logged onto here to post this video but looks like someone beat me to it.

Fathshark devs, watch this video and make adjustments accordingly. Fixing these problems will overwhelmingly increase the quality of your game.

If you’re truly dedicated to making Vermintide 2 a great game, this would be a very good step in the right direction!

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Nice job!
This post should be pinned on the forum in the first place, until they fix it…
These issues are in the game since launch (and original beta), but still no fix by the devteam at all…

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A new small video is out:
Savage skips stagger animation + Mauler spawns in sight&close + Assassin hyperspeed:


This explains so much!
After mandatory run of Elf classes for achievements, i switched back for Kruber/ Bardin.
Missing hammer targets, getting hit during swipes by target’s I should’ve hit, all that.
I just thought I got really bad at the game again,because didn’t believe it could still be bugs upon bugs ;D

I too have suffered from missing hammer hits and I thought the same thing as well. Thank you for these findings and vids, @doom_hamster


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