Enemy attack desync

I’ve noticed more recently that I’ll often take damage before an enemy performs an attack, then take nothing from the finished animation.

I’ve noticed this even as a host but it’s a lot more obvious as a client.

This mostly appears to be enemies dealing damage before their animation is finished. I put desync in the title as its the kind of things you see in other games where desync is an issue (Path of Exile zoomers).

This doesn’t appear to be lag related as ping is stable and “low” (obligatory gripe about how bad “low” ping is in this game, I live in the UK, my ping to Washington DC is about 80ms, and about 50ms to Moscow. my ping playing Vermintide 2 with a friend 20 miles away is generally always over 50, I’ve been told steam EU servers are the issue but it’s still annoying, and I like complaining).

I’ve only noticed it with heavy attacks, not sure if all enemies do it but of those that were most obvious; Raider and Rat Ogre (2 handed slam) both recently dealt damage the instant their wind-up animation started.

I’ll see about installing something with decent replay recording, currently don’t have anything to show. EDIT: Apparently afterburner can be set up to do it, so I’ll try that out.


Beastmen also got this going a lot.

Not the bestigors but the normal mobs.


I have noticed some weird “hey but I was blocking that” behaviour from even little slave rats, but it might just have been me being tired or just bad.
I have also encountered instances of enemies not being pushed ; is there a maximum number of enemies or mass that pushes can affect ?


I don’t believe there is a limit for pushes other than stagger/mass calculations (although some weapons have a shorter/longer distance on their push).
The mass of the enemy and what animation it’s in can be a factor, as you’re not going to reliably push a storm vermin out of its overhead without heavy investment.
Also, remember push angle is a hemisphere and only the inner 100 degree arc of that applies full stagger, the outer edge might run into mass issues leaving enemies looking like they weren’t affected just due to the angle of the push.
These could be related to the above issue though if the client/server disagree with where an enemy is within that hemisphere.

The attack animation can be important in regards to the Opportunist trait, and enemies have a stagger immunity when climbing (up or down) ; but apart from that I don’t actually know how pushing stagger strength and calculations actually work. Is it considered an attack with different profiles depending on the weapon ? How much “stagger damage” does it do ? How much “stagger cleave” does it have ?
I don’t think you actually can stagger a stormvermin out of an overhead with a push

I don’t think there is anything specifically written down for enemy stagger resistance by attack, I’m just familiar with people that have done the testing and put time (I assume on modded realm) into testing break points.

On lower difficulties you can regularly stagger a stormvermin out of their overhead (it’s very easy to pick up bad habbits due to this and get murdered badly when trying to change difficulties, it’s a common issue for newer players) and with high investment you can do it on Legendary, I think a few specific cases can do so on Cata.
I kinda krangled my handmiaden push focused cata build and I don’t know where the refference I followed went.

This reddit post has a few other usful links in the comments:https://www.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/g4tfz3/weapon_stagger_breakpoints/

It feels like the OP’s sentiment in that post is still true; there is a lot of focus on damage breakpoints but not so much for stagger.

I was asking specifically about push stagger, but the link you provided actually clarifies that power investments do apply.
I think it could be interesting to add a weapon’s push strength to the armoury ; and to get back on track I know there is a radius and an angle but I don’t know about a cleave.

I’d been replying about push stagger.
The Handmaiden setup I mentioned was specifically built to push stagger monks out of their attack chain (although I think their 3rd or 4th attack has higher resistance to stagger).

When I said:

I meant that enemies in certain attack animations have different stagger resistances. If that’s why you thought I wasn’t talking about push stagger.

I’d certainly love a breakpoint calculator for stagger similar to the one for damage, but I wouldn’t even know where to start in getting the actual data for one.

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Related, possibly the same rat ogre bug: Rat ogre damaging before animation plays/finishes (As host)


Ok I checked over my push build and tested it out, took a while before I got to hit one before the bots due to them all being on survival/boshy builds too.

I did record more as I played with a storm vermin patrol to test if there was a limit, didn’t seem to be one.

Not to be nitpicking but it looks like the SV flinched before you start pushing…
I do believe that it is possible though, I just regret not having the numbers somewhere, it would help understand how it works and with the breakpoints.

Yeah, I’m not sure if he was hit by a bot instead.

The longer video has 12+ mixed stormvermin patrol that just get bounced around nonstop regardless of what they’re doing. It’s just going to take a few hours to upload and I can’t do much else while it does it, so cancelled it.

Like you said, some numbers would be nice.
Way too much info for understanding this game comes from mods or data gathered from their use. Hardly intuitive way to learn how the game works.

I cropped the footage down and found a section where I bounced it solo (because ofc the bots all died).

Build used: https://www.ranaldsgift.com/8/131322/36,3,7,3/26,3,5,6/1,2,1/3,4,2/1,7,1

Certainly not optimal, but it’s what I threw together from what I remembered.

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Aye indeed :slight_smile:

I still need the numbers to understand what interacts and how

This kinda covers some of that.

Not sure there is much in terms of what the base value is or what the target value is, but at least knowing what modifiers hits which breakpoints is informative for picking a target to reach.

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Oh so Opportunist should read “Increases stagger strength by 50% against attacking enemies” cause apparently it’s not just pushes but also attacks that benefit from the 50% increase.

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