Enemys don't attack

Yesterday i played the new DLC maps on champion. Halve of the time enemys didn’t attack me.

  • Happend on both maps.
  • Right from the start of the map till the end. Randomly they attacked sometimes they didn’t.
  • Didn’t happen with elites or specials.
  • Always played witch hunter captain.
  • I was host.
  • Didn’t happen to my girlfriend as far as she knows.

I did use following mods:

  • Vermintide mod framework
  • Persistent ammo counter
  • Needii
  • Waypoints
  • Numeric UI
  • StickyGrim
  • Weapon Kill Counter
  • Bestiary

A short video. (Maybe should have recorded more)

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Have this issue sometimes with a horde. It feels like they wait until they’re inline. But i never had, that noone of them attacked me. Mostly 5 of 10 attack me and the other 5 stand a bit far away and look onto me.

Happens as host/client without mods to me. Map is irrelevant.

Yesterday i started the game without mods and played a non DLC map and it still happens. I can just stand in the middle of a horde and not a single enemy attacks me.

What are your PC specs @debito20091993? :thinking:

Prozessor: i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

5 attavking and 5 waiting is ok. slot system. watch jsat videos if interested.

had same issue as client single slave/clanrat wont attack for aome reason

That’s more than enough. AI is known to be wonky on lower tier PCs but that’s clearly not the issue here.

I just had the same thing happen on Righteous stand, playing as Battle Wizard. Half the run non-taggeable enemies wouldn’t attack me, they just stood there in their slot doing nothing

I will try if it still happens tomorrow. Maybe with some more video examples. Also will try different characters.

I can confirm we are actively investigating this issue. Thanks all!

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I’d like to mention that I’ve seen this only happen on The Pit map, and I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

Just happened to me in the Skittergate. I got downed and the horde did not attack me. They just stood there, watching.

Just had this 3 games in a row. First game Kruber was not using Halberd but the other 2 they were.

First occurance was on War Camp, immediately following the Troll boss fight.
Second was on Righteous Stand, immediately following the Patrol where the Elf bot died.
Third occurance was on Convocation of Decay, in the door puzzle room where Elf bot dies again.

Log from host, Kruber:
console-2018-10-11-03.27.12-12BF7497-C897-4A19-867B-59FE.log (2.8 MB)

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Video from Saltzpyre’s perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocpNgdvJ4vM
I would also note that we played a few deeds before the War Camp game, but War Camp was a QuickPlay.

Elites/Specials all attacked normally, rarely some normal enemies would attack too. The bug would last until the end of each game.

I saw on Reddit that it’s a bug that occurs with Merc Kruber. I’m trying to look for the thread but can’t find it.

Edit: apparently the beta patch has a fix for it:

“Fixed an issue where enemies could enter state where they crowded around a player without attacking them”

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Yeah since the Beta this Bug doesn’t happen to me anymore so far.

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