Enemys moving through Props/Walls + various other Bugs (video proof)

Hello there.

I noticed a lot of different bugs. For some of them i managed to record some Video proof. Note that in the video the game is played with mods activated but i can assure you that these also appear with mods disabled. (tested)

First of all an Overview of all the gameplay bugs i encountered. All of these do happen while hosting a game or joining a game by another hosting player.


  • Melee hits and weapon projectiles will not get registered (included in video)

  • Enemy Attack tracking and range is sometimes unpredictable and way too fast to properly react to it (included in video)

  • Enemy Attack tracking reaches through props and walls

  • Some of the new Beastmen attacks animations in general are so fast that its really hard and/or impossible to react to it properly. ( note that this gets worse combined with other bugs like hits or pushes not registering or enemys stacking into each other in large quantities ) So it happens that you get punished for push attacks even if the Enemy hitting you was in your push range and angle.

Enemy Spawn

  • Enemys will appear out of thin Air in places a player can not predict because its closed , sometimes even in your field of vision. This can happen for complete groups of enemys or single enemys.

  • Enemys will spawn or move inside and through walls and props (most prominent on tree props).
    In the video you will see a situation were a group of Beastmen will move through a Prop Wall instead of climbing over it. (included in video)

  • Enemys will de-spawn in you field of vision (included in video)

  • Enemys will spawn floating in the Air

  • Enemys will float in the air while climbing up terrain (included in video)


  • Backstab warning audio will be played when you already get hit. (included in video)

  • Backstab warning audio will not play at all.

  • Beastmen will not make any movement or idle sounds , as a player you can not react to it when a complete silent pack of beastmen just pops up behind you. (included in video)


  • Enemys will stack into each other , large qantities of enemys can occupy the same space. Resulting in insane dmg if they all start their attack animation at the same time.

  • Game sometimes crashes with “Backend Error” basically anywhere. In the Keep , at the start of a match , inbetween a match or in the end. Also appears in loading and score screens.

  • Sometimes you cant join friend games or friends cant join you because you are simply “forbidden” to do so or the game tells you that the player you want to connect to is not “trustworthy -> anticheat”

  • Enemys and Boses will sometimes move inside the the player, occupying the same space.

  • The long Enemy attack tracking will result in weird enemy animations. On jumping enemys like the Savage it can result in really weird and long tracking jumps even moving through terrain or props.

So thats it for now. There is even more regarding all sorts of talents not working as intended or working at all but i havent done the complete research and math on it (and i wont).

Here is the Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDZVHTHTWSg

Thanks for you time.

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I think you forgot to include the video :sweat_smile:

Yeah thank you :slight_smile: i just noticed i forgot to copy the link. I also had to edit the thread a little because i made some mistakes ~ but everything should be fine now.

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