Audio bugs and progressive instability still :(

Please Fix~

Backstab audio among other audio warnings almost never happening.
Beastmen breaking everything again.
Roger and ever enemy 180…
berzerker balls forming///
Buggy mess with new patch makes each match get more and more unstable!

(this should be in Bugs section :slightly_smiling_face:)

Could you give more detail about how beastmen “break everything” and what you mean by “berzerker balls” ?
I believe the other issues have been acknowledged already.

damn I thought I was on the bug section, the panel window changed here cos I was writing something in this yesterday!

Berzerker balls: A spawning ball of them amid a horde, like a full twitch 200% band of them just BLAGH! in your face.
Enemies like Exectioners are skating around when doing overheads instead of standing still whilst their animation finishes.
Before beastmen showed up, hordes in our game had space, like collision and didn’t occupy the same slot. Moment beastmen showed up, we started having horde lunacy. Coulda been something else affecting just seconds nature to sigh at the beastmen by now and notice a lot more things break once they show up in a level.

Actually all enemies “skate around”, it’s just way more noticeable on enemies with longer overhead animations.
I do believe this is slot system shenanigans, as sometimes enemies have really weird pathing to come and hit you. This applies to this too :

I think it’s actually related to the fact that you have more enemies overall. Iirc their numbers were increased across the game with the WoM update. Sometimes there’s simply too many of them in a small area, and the slot system can’t handle it. That being said, generally they will respect it unless you are in absolutely extreme circumstances, like staying right next to a window on the Pit’s warehouse when the whole blob jumps through.

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