Backstab and audio warnings failing or late and some others

Serious issues with lack of backstab audio, especially on monks and berzerkers. The swish sounds is either not happening at all or after 2-3 instakilling hits on cata.
Bardin shouting “we’ve got plague monks” 3 seconds after half the team is downed from behind in silence isn’t enough.
This happened back in 2019 hope it can be refixed.

Also spawn bugs still occuring- things appearing and disappearing, executioners and storm vermin still ice skating around corners whilst overheading, leeches spawning in the 10s in the first few areas of warcamp, hookrats hooking through walls and floors.

Odd things is, first games of new patch all seemed ok… dunno if just since new windows updates / nvidia updates / steam + Twitch updates have caused anything… but the twitch mode on cata does tend to make things increasingly more unstable.

PS- sorry to any players I left today- 1 crash out in OBS followed by a mouse breaking, then changing mic eand encountering all these bugs within 3 games then just giving up. xD Hope the info helps FS.
(I accidentally posted this in feedback at first. Apologies).


It still is in feedback, but surely a lovely mod can move it to bugs
Edit : Thank you Lev :blush:

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I’m throwing in this crash report

, with the following list of experienced bugs just today:

Weapon/Items disappearing mid match to be holding nothing. This happened with shade / Glaive / Daggers.
Berzerkers speeding up randomly on the spot- one looked like a buzz saw against salty earlier. They’re 180 target change with no backstab audio, coupled with their seemingly random OP HP, makes their spawning in the middle of hordes even worse. Some are taking 5x the punishment of a CW then some are dying in 1 hit from an arrow.
Immobilizer specials are spawning at insane rates again- even for Cata. Some spots are spawning up to 12 at a time, continuing to spawn after one is killed. With the right angling hookrats and leeches and silent assassins just appearing on to of players happening to hosts and not connected players, thought worth a mention.
Storm Vermin on the spot multiplication, sliding out of one another.
Beastmen patrol spawning one after another… and no not on Dark Omens end… like the 2nd section where they first show up. And throughout the level.
Hyperdensity slot occupation when 4.2.2 was FIRST released seemed fixed for chaos and rats… just not beasts// then somewhere over the last week it just started and got worse/
As ever hope this helps. :slight_smile:
Pic of disappearing weapon included with DxDiagnostic and console log
console-2021-03-14-03.02.08-3d30ee8b-072e-46bb-bfdc-1c6eb83e9bc3.log (64.1 KB) console-2021-03-14-01.56.00-03a72012-49f3-46e5-a739-5c1373469b0a.log (910.7 KB) console-2021-03-13-23.09.39-a44dc581-4459-44ae-8ebb-275a19f7b2f3.log (1.5 MB) console-2021-03-13-20.49.21-ee3bdd7a-4d7a-4fda-8364-c3a8fddd90a5.log (754.7 KB)

DxDiag.txt (99.7 KB)

crash_dump-2021-03-12-23.04.52-0b60cfb9-65a1-44ed-97d9-083755698c00.dmp (536.7 KB)

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